Too many Alpha males in this world. How about they all f#ck off and let us live in peace?

I've added a Poll to the sidebar. It's there to help me suss out how I can keep improving this site. We're getting a lot of traffic at the moment and I'm keen to keep it going. If you click it and it gives you loads of hassle, pop-ups and s#it pop a note in the comments section and I'll think about removing it. It should be cool but you can never tell. It was a free thing. Today I've been adding loads of ad filters and a flash animation blocker to my Mozilla Firefox browser.

I've absolutely had it up to here with agressive sale tactics. Sat there trying to sort out some stuff on my 'puter today and my never used landline lights up! Now, this thing is obviously X-directory. It's not supposed to be registered on any databases. I ALWAYS tell them I DO NOT want sales calls yet here it is, ringing away. I knew as soon as it rang that it wasn't anyone I knew. I thought I'd heard it this morning but just ignored it. There it was ringing.


Let me just make this clear, I do not use our phone, ever. I only had it plugged in after I made a call to BT to fix my computer. I answered it in a little bit of an agressive manner:

"Hello, how have you got this number?"

"Hello sir, is that Mr Margerrison?"

"Yes it is, I don't want to buy anything. How did you get this number?"

"Erm, I, err."

"No, how did you get this number?"

"I'm not trying to sell anything, I just. Do you have a mobil-"

"I'm not interested, let me ask you again, how did you get this number? Either BT have given you it OR you've got it illegally. There's no other possibility. How did you get my number?"

"We get them from a database. I -"

"You must have got it illegally then. Go find out how you got it and call me back."

"I can't do that sir I -"

"Well lemme tell you something, I'm unplugging this phone. Never call this number again."

"Do you want to get a discount on your mobile phone bill?"

"No, goodbye."

I'm in town today and I'm stopped by someone trying to sell me something. Arrgh! I used to chat to these people who were "carrying out surveys", not anymore. They're just trying to drain more money out of your a#se. Taking your money and giving you nothing you want in return. Stealing. That's what it is. If a burgler robs your stuff from your house and does a big t#rd in the middle of your front room has he sold you that t#rd? No, he hasn't. He's robbed you blind. Should be illegal all these sales people. Probably is illegal. C#nts.

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