(Tuesday) Smoke a fat one fatty.

Today has been mostly about me sitting infront of a computer screen absolutely wasting my life. I'm writing a big long entry for this 'blog about "bigfoot". It's the longest and most complex entry I've ever written but the number of people who read this thing is currently at an all time high. I sort of thought I should try and do something a little more exciting than my usual. It's taking ages though and I imagine most people will just think it silly.

Other than that me and my Mum messed about trying to get 'BT Communicator' to work on the 'puter. It's not having it. For some reason I can't get it running. It's like Skype but less intrusive a programme. Probably because it doesn't work.

Also I've been listening to stupid podcasts and music. One podcast I listened to was about the 'communications revolution' which is taking place at the moment. Soon major broadcasting industries will be wiped off the map by the power of the internet, apparently. Just as the old coal mining and steel industries were destroyed so too will mainstream media outlets like the BBC, ITV and companies like the one I work for, EMAP

People have been predicting this sort of cr#p for years but now it's starting to look more likely as the internet becomes more and more efficient. I dunno though. The mainstream media is good at adapting to things like this. It's just changing shape. I've guffed off about such things in the past, here.

Also on one of these podcasts some tool called Kevin Warwick was bumbling on about implanting microchips and radio transmitters into himself. His website is here. He seems like a nutjob to me but what do I know? He's well qualified to talk about this stuff and I'm not.

Sticking microchips into yourself?

What the f#ck is going on?

Now, if I had a life I'd have done something productive rather than worrying about microchips, 'BT Communicator' and f#cking bigfoot.

It's a source of amazement to me that I can become so absorbed in such obvious nonsense.

"Oh I've wasted my life" breezes Comic Book Guy just before he dies in a fantastic episode of the Simpsons.



KrazyKris said…
Have you tried Softphone? That works. They don't get many calls about Communicator at the help desk, I was told. Probably because everyone's using Skype

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