(Tuesday) Why would a cog feel like a cog?

I've not moved from this spot for 6 and a half hours. I've been playing Civilisation IV. Initially I wasn't allowed to buy it. My girlfriend wouldn't let me. She knows what I'm like with these things. In fact I think I'm still not allowed to buy it and I've broken some sort of law in doing so. It was no use though, in the end I had to. I've been looking for one of those walkmen things to play my MP3s on*. Can't find the one that I want. Stumble into a second hand shop and there it is, Civilisation IV, it's glowing in the room. It's talking to me, "I'm only £18 second hand, buy me big boy, buy me!".

I can't resist. I know it's wrong. I know I shouldn't. I'm running out of the shop, cold sweat dripping off my forehead. Racing along with my cargo in the back seat of the car. It even says on the packaging; "Expect to be addicted for the next 30 years". Yeah baby! That's what's happening!

In case you're not familliar with the game I'll just explain it a little. You take a civilisation from 'caveman times' all the way up to modern day. You make all the important descisions about how its going to progress. Who it's going to be friends with. Who it's going to war with. You even get to choose what religion you want to follow. Genius.

I've spent about 6 hours on it non-stop.

Apparently there's a lot of simmilarity between the neuro-chemical patterns found in the brain of a drug addict and a computer game addict. This story here from New Scientist has more.

So I'm a druggie now. A druggie who's hooked on pretending to conquer the world. In his mind.

Like all good druggies I tried to get my flatmate hooked on it today. We loaded it onto his laptop and he had a go. I think he enjoyed it. If I'm going down with this badboy, then so is he!! I did the same thing when I was a smoker. Give him a fag here and there. Now I've quit and he's still in the "casual smoker" stage.

Does that make me a bad person?


*My little pledge of a few days ago has been totally f#cked by the discovery that there actually are "walkmen" which do this. It's a brand name which they didn't like to see slip. Ruined.


lw said…
hmmm .. I could never get into those sorts of games myself. I always give in to the cheats .. free money in simcity etc.
I will however be getting the new splinter cell.

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