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That's great news. Really, great news.

Happy pills don't make you sad?

(Sunday) I'm trying to shoot flowers into the ether. I hope I'm managing to do so.

(Saturday) Lose the fear and be yourself, two things to do before you die.

(Friday) They don't relate to the content. They just amuse me. Sorry.

Clumsy nonsense.

There's nothing more boring than someone who is afraid of dying.

In the midst of such confusion one only need pretend to have the answer in order to attain great power

(Monday) She comes out to find him. Doing that.

(Sunday) Life is a picture painted by the devil's own anus / upon a toilet paper canvass

His sweaty grunting face contorted its way through a complex spectrum of emotions; (Saturday)

a complex spectrum of emotions

(Thursday) ranging from lust through to arrogance and finally inadequacy.

Totally forgot to go to weight watchers. That's not good. Not good at all.


(Monday) The Stannage problem raises it's head. Can't change my position though, sorry.

Blurrgh. The world spews out of my face. Into my eyeballs. Walk with me.

(Saturday) I dream a dream about a bee.

Is that really justice?

Sugar for the last time baby.

Open your hands

(Tuesday) Giggle at the cosmos you little fool.

Why not try and tickle someone's 'BACKSPACE'

(sunday) Yak tak skool ain't what you thought. Why are you here?

Jack be nimble, Jack be thick, sounds to me like he knows Jack s#it.

The road to guantanamo? No s#it.

(Thursday) The pull of my mind into the second sphere is something deep and something to fear

The little mark on my face that only I can see.

This thing be automatic (Tuesday)

Wasted the whole day.

My brain isn't quite capable of thinking enough.

Take me wife, please. Take me. (Saturday)