Blurrgh. The world spews out of my face. Into my eyeballs. Walk with me.

Urrgh. I'm sweating like a ba#tard at the moment, thanks to the atkins diet. I've been on it since Friday. Didn't s#it for the first two days. No traffic whatsoever. Not even a false alarm.

I've added a new poll to the sidebar today, thanks to everyone who added their thoughts to the last one. I'm constantly trying to improve this little thing. It appears that the majority of the people who read it like to read amusing things. The results were as follows:

How can I improve this blog?

Shorter entries 6%

Longer entries 12%

More amusing entries 53%

More serious entries 29%

However I've confused myself a little with the phrasing of the question. I'm unsure if the results mean that my blog entries themselves should be more amusing OR that I should provide more entries which are amusing. If you see what I mean. It's hard to know if 53% of the people who voted think I'm either not funny or they think I am funny when I try to be but... erm. You know.

If you're a blogger yourself looking to do a poll I'd reccommend the people I've used, Pollhosts. They're free, easy to use and haven't filled my inbox with junk mail yet. Also they don't appear to use dangerous or intrusive pop-ups. However, if anything like that does happen when you click on their site make sure you add a comment into the comments section and I'll sack them off immediately.

My new poll is an attempt to suss out how many people read this site as it's starting to become quite a number. I'll give you the results in a few months.

In the real world I'm currently living inside an ipod/walkman/mp3 player induced bubble. I sat on the train, usually a great place for blog entries*, in my own world today. Actually, that's an exaggeration, I didn't sit, I stood, in the gangway with some nob'ead who kept falling forwards and breathing on my neck. It's a good job I had my headphones in so I could pretend to ignore him. Otherwise I'd have made him pay, with some pretty stern looks.

I was listening to the rabid conspiracy theorist Alex Jones again. He's brilliant. He's also probably right about the way the world is going. When I got in to work I used one of his stories on the "News They Didn't Use" feature on my music show. The story was about a little girl who was interrogated by the American Secret Service after she wrote an anti-Bush page on Brilliant story. It's here.

I'd implore you to search out his film Terror Storm on before they delete it. Same goes for Loose Change as it looks like Google have started censoring the hit rates of both films. Won't be long 'til they pull 'em altogether. Loose Change is in the sidebar, as is Terrorstorm.


* Just a few of my train related blog entries: Here, here, here, here and more recently here.


Neil said…
I took your last poll to mean did I want you to carry on writing amusing entries, rather than simply writing some ;)

I check for updates every other day or so... even though you write a page a day you seem to actually update it in batches.

May I suggest a new poll is set up to ask us if you should a) carry on wearing a tin-foil hat or b) get away from a lot of the conspiracy/'out there' nonesense that appears to be making its way into your life and therefore your blog? No? Fair enough :)
Nicholarse said…
Ha ha. Yeah, I think I might even put up a poll along those lines once this current one has run its course.

It's like a little scab I can't help but pick.

Just like Civilisation IV which I've just finished playing, at half four in the morning. Not good.

Neil said…
I used to be into gaming online and I know how addictive it can be. Want to know my solution for removing it from your life - that and all the going out wasting money on eating and drinking? Simple, I got married and had 2 children. Stopped my life dead... heh.

> It's like a little scab I can't help but pick.

Which reminds me, how's the athlete's foot going?

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