Clumsy nonsense.

I've finished reading Peter Kay's fantastic autobiography. It really was a great read, I felt sad when I could see the pages I had left getting thinner. There's loads of good stuff in there but one thing grabbed me which has stuck in my mind. There's a bit where he describes in detail the specific memories which songs call into his mind. Recently I had a conversation with a friend of my girlfriend's about how "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack always makes her cry because it reminds her of her nephew. For me it's a rather more mundane memory of going round to my mate Chris's and hearing it on the radio as we had a cheeky smoke*.

This is the thing about my life, it really seems to lack many profound moments. I guess I'm just not as in tune as other people are. Two Princes by The Spindoctors - having a shower at my Dad's house before I went out. Listening to it on the radio as I got ready.

Misteeq "Scandalous" - doing the afternoon radio show and dancing to it, much to the amusement of the news team in the studio. Fat Boy Slim, Rockafella Skank - dancing with my mate Lloyd to it during our student radio show. The Lightning Seeds - anything by them, arriving at Glastonbury for the first time with my mate Daniel.

I'm trying really hard to search for powerful moving memories which are connected to songs and I can't really locate any. They're all mundane little snippets of my life. Clear memories, but nothing particularly "deep".

REM - Everybody hurts. Drinking crap 'Thunderbirds' with a mate of mine on holiday in Painton when I was 17.

In a way though I guess that's what life is. A series of mundane moments given meaning by the fact that they're happening to you.

Or something.


*Ahh - back in the days when I was a smoker. I still miss it you know. I don't think you can ever really stop.

My mate James sent me this on email. Unlike the other videos I've posted here this one is neither violent or mean.


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