Happy pills don't make you sad?

I used to have a lovely dog called Freddy. He was brilliant. A bundle of positive energy who helped me to overcome my crippling fear of dogs. I used to be an absolute nightmare around them. I've got a best mate who's scared of them, let me tell you though, he's nothing compared to how I was. I'd prance about like a stereotypical girl who's afraid of a mouse or spider. They terrified the sh#t out of me. What was really bad about it was that there was no reason for me to be scared*. I'd never been attacked by one or anything. It was just an irrational fear. As soon as I saw little Freddy sat on our porch shivering with fear though, I changed my whole opinion. In that instant he was my best friend. Obviously, he's dead now. That's what dogs do. Live for 10 years or so and then die. Shame.

It's left me with a dog sized void. I can't reasonably look after one in my current situation so I have to make do with looking at other people's dogs. This situation has spiralled a little out of control over the last year after my flatmate, who shares the same dog sized hole in his life, sent me a picture of his (still living) family pet during a trip back home at Xmas.

You'll notice the festive touch on the nose there. Doesn't look too happy about it but I can assure you that no cruelty was involved. There's some odd internet sites around these days where I'm not always so sure. Anyway, this picture resulted in me taking a few pictures of my own and texing them over to him at the next opportunity. Slowly but surely I've built up quite a collection of pictures of random dogs on my phone. Today is the first example of Monday's dog photo. I'm going to put a picture of a dog on my blog every Monday to cheer people up at the start of the week. I think even dog haters will enjoy a picture of a dog every Monday. You can't help but smile at a dog picture. They're great. What better way to start the week?

This idea will be sure to put my blog at the top of the blog charts. If indeed there is such a chart. I imagine there is. It'll be s#it though. I bet my blog isn't in it. Even though, and lets be honest, mine is pretty f#cking good. It gets real readers and everything you know. Not because I do a radio show. The ones who are here because of that are about 30% of the people who look at it. The majority of people who read this have stumbled over it during the year or so I've been doing it. Yes, that's right a f#cking year! How many people have been reading since day one? Not many. Most people seem to give it about two or three weeks then they f#ck off, never to be seen again.

That's according to my hitcounter and a bit of guesswork anyway.


*Unlike my mate who was attacked by one once. I still think he should get one and therefore overcome his fear. It'd work like a treat and he and his girlfriend could provide a great home to one. Still, there we are. It'll never happen. He hates them.


Neil Porter said…
> How many people have been reading since day one?

*holds hand in the air*

Well someone had to keep an eye on you...

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