Jack be nimble, Jack be thick, sounds to me like he knows Jack s#it.

After I'd finished my awful stand-up me and my girlfriend went on to another club where we saw a nastly little fight kick off between two fat stupid women. "I'm gonna kill 'er I am!" said the cubby psychopath as she was politely escorted out of the establishment. When women go, they really go. It was a depressing thing to see. Violence always kicks off little adolescent fantasies within me along the lines of me wanting super powers which I could use to combat it with. Perhaps if I could freeze time leaving only me able to move about. Then I could not only display my heroism in the face of a certain victory but also I could have a lot of fun in situations which are always depressing.

Oddly, today, me and my girlfriend were getting onto a train when I saw another violent incident. Some thug badgering and then thumping a little Japanese bloke. One of the thugs mates stepped in the way and a crowd of people gathered round. I was caught up in the surge of people getting on the train and only saw it out of the corner of my eye but it looked equally ugly and depressed me* as I trundled along on the train.

I considered ringing the police when I got back home but on reflection there was a big crowd of people who gathered round nicluding, I think, a train guard. Perhaps I still should?

I can't work out if it's my imagination or if we really are becoming a more violent society. I think we are. Things seem to be getting a little spicier than they used to be. Sort of like we're going back to the bad old days of the mid 80's. I remember that era as being a distinctly grim period. The idea of an 80's revival has never made any sense to me. That was a horrible decade. Tacky music, crappy drab looking people. It is personified to me by pictures of rubbish 80's porn.

They say things go in cycles. I think the 90's were a replay of the 60's and now we're locked in the 70's as we stumble towards the 80's. Again! Nightmare.

I'm also pretty sure that our country being at war all the time is not good for our collective conscious. That said it doesn't look like we can really just go and pull our troops out. What a total mess Tony Blair leaves our country in. Shocking really.


*Not as much as the poor bloke who got thumped.


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