The little mark on my face that only I can see.

So, I lost weight. I lost 2lbs. I feel a little deflated about that though*. I wanted to lose 3lbs. I even said to my flatmate; "this is it, if I don't lose at least 3lbs I'm going straight back on the atkins!". When I lost 2lbs I sort of felt like perhaps that was too drastic a step. Then I won the raffle that they do. £10 of free weight watchers stuff, non of which is suitable for atkins. Then I went home and played on my computer game Civilisation IV and got a proper hammering. So I munched pretty much all my weight watchers stuff thinking, "I'll finish this off and go on the atkins tomorrow".

Now I'm left thinking I should stick another week on Weight Watchers.

All of this is because I'm stressing about something else at the moment. Things are changing at work a little and I've made a pretty big decision. I think I've done the right thing but I'm not sure.

My EMAP contract binds me from discussing it in too much detail but I promise I will put it up here first once I know it's official.


*No hilaryar#e pun intended here. Quite unfortunate. Mmm, I'm in an odd mood today.


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