(Monday) The Stannage problem raises it's head. Can't change my position though, sorry.

Went to see Dan who writes and draws Phlegm Comic*. I got a copy of the new issue which is out now. It's a beauty, probably his best yet. I'm told he's sold over 2,000 copies so far, not bad. Not bad at all. I love that he seems so bemused by his own success. It's a great comic and to my mind it has always been guaranteed local legend status. The question is, will it work in the rest of the UK? If you know of a comic shop in your area which could stock it, leave a post in the comments section and I'll pass it on. Either that or you could add it to his blog which has just been started, here.

He sent me the following email about it:

You made me have doubts. So here we go, a phlegm news page available to everyone..
See ya.

Although I can't accurately recall I think he may have been subjected to a myspace rant. I still quake at the fact that I'll probably get one in the end and be forced to eat my words. Another mate of mine who got in touch recently has got one. They thought I was mad when I went off about how much I hated them. We'll see. Hopefully I won't do a classic Margerrison U-turn and end up loving them like nothing else.

Talking of which I now have a conntection from my phone to my computer. This is very exciting as it means I can share pictures off my phone with the world. Like this:

It's a picture of a piece of pineapple which me and my girlfriend were eating. If you look closely you can see what can only be the face of little baby Jesus smiling back at you. Either that or it's the Virgin Mary, or someone. Look! They've got a mouth and two eyes. It's a f#cking miracle!

I've been sat on this little gem for ages, just waiting to publish it. Unfortunately we ended up eating the miraculous piece of pineapple so have no way of authenticating this miracle. You'll just have to accept it on good faith.

Oh dear.


*If you have no idea what Phlegm Comics is then check the sidebar, it's one of the most popular links there. I like to think I've helped in some small way to raise the mag's profile. If you're a fan of comics you won't go far wrong if you read this one. Very funny and beautifully layered. You can track my interest in it via these links: First mention of me liking the comic, meeting the writer, comparing it to other smallpress as I write my reviews for REDEYE magazine, going to exhibits of his work in odd pubs.


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