(Saturday) I dream a dream about a bee.

Why am I surprised that the Peter Kay book "The Sound Of Laughter" is funny? Surely I should have expected that? Or maybe not. I've never really been grabbed by Phoenix Nights, I enjoyed it more as a soap opera than a sit com. Don't get me wrong, it was funny in places. Just not the unbridled genius people made it out to be. I still watch Alan Partridge, The Office, Blackadder. Phoenix won't get watched again unless it's on repeat on one of those Sky Channels. It's just not laugh out loud funny enough for me. I think I got into it largely because my ex-flatmate thought it was genius.

Both me and him went to see Peter Kay do live stand-up in Manchester once. Didn't really raise a smile. I was dissapointed. I'd expected something more. The Blackpool Tower DVD of Peter Kay is by far one of the best ever stand-up DVDs I've ever seen. Still makes me laugh to think about it. Used to feel a little like that was his peak. Until I started reading his book. It's brilliant and has consequently come as a total surprise.

I love his attention to detail. Little touches which make you smile, like a scene where he cuts himself on a family sized corned beef tin, while watching Quantum Leap. He reminds me of one of those kids who was naturally funny at school that you've lost touch with as time goes by. I'll make sure I post on here if the book tails off and goes s#it but for the moment it's a great read.

I also like it because as I was stood in the queue at Waterstones I heard two people behind me having the following conversation;

"Ooh, I bought that the other day."

"Mmm. Well there's no accounting for taste is there."

I looked round at the woman who was slagging my choice and with all the dignity I could muster, I gave her a little smile. That told her.



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