Sugar for the last time baby.

I now finally own one of those walkmen Ipod thingys. It's f#cking great. I'm really excited about it. I can now listen to odd podcasts while I wander around as well as my own music. Genius. There's currently a lot of talk in radio about how this sort of technology will damage the industry forever. Bring it on is what I say. I couldn't be more excited at the prospect. I'm firmly of the opinion that any changes which come will be for the better. Radio needs a good old kick up the backside every now and then. It'll just end up coming back stronger.

I went to Meadowhall to buy my trendy ipod walkman thingy. It cost me £27, despite firm assurances from two different store staff in two different shops that £45 for a 1gig mp3 player was the stuff of a madman's dream. I managed to find one for half the price. Also, I was firmly told that it was impossible to convert MPEG-4 into MP3. More b#llocks I'm pleased to say. There's a handy little feature on itunes which does it for you at the click of a button. It amazes me the ammount of guff "experts" will happily spout to someone they're confident knows f#ck all. An irritating aspect of human nature.

As I wandered round Meadowhall I was caught by the site of these big chaps who've been immortalised there in statue form since the massive shopping complex opened. It seemed odd to see them, representing as they do such an obviously bygone era. As I floated up the mechanised stairs towards where I bought my ipod thing from I was distracted by an old family legend, that my grandad knew one of them in real life.

It annoys me a bit that I don't know which one he knew. I think its the one doing the pouring but I really can't be sure. As a kid if I ever got lost in Meadowhall I'd wait for my parents, "near Grandad's friends". Perhaps that was just a bit of bull which I got told as a kid.

Still, it's nice that there is some sort of tribute to the steelworks upon which the big capitalist temple is built. Industrialism replaced by capitalism. Wonder what will come next? Do you think they'll put up a statue of an annoyed and lying shop assistant trying to flog MP3's when whatever it is takes Meadowhalls' place? I wonder if they'll manage to make them look as noble as the blokes in the picture?



John Szram said…
Yeah, what a life that must be having to bullshit people all day and fleece them of every penny they've got. Salesmen Scum! Oh...wait...

Wondered why I find it so hard to live with myself.

PC World, Lancaster.

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