(Sunday) I'm trying to shoot flowers into the ether. I hope I'm managing to do so.

I woke this morning from an odd dream which has disturbed me more and more as the day has rolled on. In it I had a load of pictures of me from about ten years ago. As I'm sure is the case for most people in these pictures, as in all pictures, I looked younger and thinner and more vibrant. The only problem was that I also looked totally different. My nose was longer and my facial features were sharper. My face was longer and my teeth was bigger. I was a subtly different person. It was like I'd had plastic surgery or something. I recognised myself but it was a different me. I could even remember posing for the pictures and my subconscious had gone to the extra lengths of making sure I was dressed in a green jumper which I used to love and wear all the time ten years ago.

At the time, in the dream, I wasn't freaked out at all by any of this. I just went along with it but when I woke up I was immediately struck by how odd the dream was. The thing is it's loaded with meaning in that currently I've been thinking about things like re-incarnation and what exactly it would mean to be re-incarnated. In many ways it is something that happens to you each day. You wake up, you're a new person, you inherit the life of the bloke you were yesterday. I think this is why I had this dream.

Pictures of you are not really pictures of you, they're reflections of the person you used to be. The person you are now is always beyond your grasp. The person you're going to be is the only one you can really think about as that's the one you can prepare for and make things easier for.

I dunno. I'm writing sh#t again but there's a logic to my thoughts here. It really did unnerve me as I went throughout today thinking about those pictures and the face which wasn't quite mine that looked out of them at me*.

It's an experience which clashed with a mate of mine who spoke to me about Lucid Dreaming. He mentioned it had happened to him quite out of the blue. This came after another mate of my girlfriend's spoke to me about their experiences of doing the same thing the night before.

If you've not tried this yet I suggest you follow the links above and have a scan at the external site they will eventually lead you to.


*If I were to try and place the face it'd be an odd cross between a mate of mine called Gary who I haven't seen for a while and my girlfriend's Dad. Mixed in with my own f#cking face. What's going on there?


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