(Sunday) Life is a picture painted by the devil's own anus / upon a toilet paper canvass

Going to my old University yesterday was an odd experience. It was strange to see all the buildings and re-live a lot of memories. I have a terrible time recalling things these days and it was odd how being in a particular place brought back loads of random situations.

I expected to feel physically old, wrinkly and so forth. In fact I felt intellectually old instead. Their era is now totally different to the one in which I went to Uni, and the young me wouldn't have fitted into their world. For example I was surprised at how sharply all the kids there dressed. That was not the case in my era. Grunge and Britpop didn't really encourage the exciting hairstyles and sharp shirts. Am I of my era in that I'm sartorially lazy or did that quality just go unnoticed in the late 90's.

As I watched them all dancing to frankly incomprehensible music I felt kind of contented at the thought that life moves on.

Now if you'd have been 30 and come into our era you'd have been greeted with the sound of songs which were trying to imitate the late 60's. Our generation's music was "classic". Nowadays, in retrospect, it seems a bit conservative and boring. Kid's music should sound awful to people in their 30's. My era was the era of "Dadrock" for god's sake. Listen back to a lot of those tunes and they sound like what they were, cheaper imitations of original genius.

However I'm a bit surprised I didn't envy the students their youth. I expected to but in fact I sort of felt a bit sorry for them. They're being screwed financially in order to go to University. That seems unfair. They're living in an apolitical age where hope seems to have been replaced with a corporate symbol. I often change my mind on these things but after looking round there today I feel education should be free in our society. It's sad that it's not.


Here's a video to make up for the fact that the above entry doesn't really go anywhere. It's a video I've been trying to source for ages and finally I've found it! It proves once and for all that Jay Kay out of Jamiroquai is a c#nt.

Or if not,


Leather Face said…
Classic stuff!!!

It was great to see the full footage. And "YES" what a c*nt Jay Kay.

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