There's nothing more boring than someone who is afraid of dying.

I now have a fully operational hands free kit. I've had this phone for ages but haven't ever managed to get the headphones stuck in. Previously I've tried to gently stick it in the hole with no success. This time I just f#cking rammed it in. It's the same fitting as the one I used to get all my pictures onto my computer. Just goes to show that you can sometimes get violent with modern technology and still get results.

Today though I faced a problem. Wandering through Tescos car park and I'm yabbering away to my girlfriend when I suddenly realise I now look like one of those pri#ks who walks round with a hands free looking like a loony. Mainly because I was one of those p#icks.

As a consequence I judged it less offensive to take it off hands free and hold the phone to my ear as I wandered about pushing a trolley. Impractical but less w#nky. I think. It's confusing.

I remember the days when people would pull a funny face and go "wooo" if someone was posh enough to have a mobile phone. It was a sign of success;

"Yeah, he runs his own business, got two men under him and even has one of them mobile phones!".


Nowadays though even tramps have them. Pumping out radiation and rotting our minds. I remember in the late 90's when all of those stories broke about how mobiles are sp#nking out radiation like little microwaves. Those people even managed to use one to cook an egg with. It was too late by then though. No one gave a sh#t. They'd tasted the high life and they weren't going back. I did a call in feature on my old night time show on The Bay where loads of people called in saying "I'm on my mobile and I don't care".

Mobile phones have had a massive effect on the world we live in and I don't think people are still used to them yet. I don't quite know which is best, hands free as you walk round Tescos or mobile to your face. The latter isn't as practical but it's clearer to people what you're doing. These sorts of moral quandries are a minor nightmare in my fairly boring little life.



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