(Thursday) The pull of my mind into the second sphere is something deep and something to fear

I've lounged around for most of the day today. I came in and had quite an important meeting with my new boss, that seemed to go quite well. He seems like a nice chap. I've still not entirely decided which diet I should do. Should I carry on counting my points or get on the atkins diet? The atkins diet works, it's just a bit extreme. I think I'll stick with Weight Watchers. I dunno.

I keep changing my mind because there is quite a lot taxing it at present. Theres the stuff I hinted at yesterday, then theres the fact I keep getting battered on Civilisation IV. Very annoying! I was doing good at it before, now I'm suddenly s#it at it again. Ruined.

Then finally theres the fact I'm doing my stand-up tomorrow. I'm worried that some of the readers of my blog may have sussed out where I'm doing it. It's a bit obvious I guess but I was told by the organiser that the night has actually sold out! Unusual for a 'new talent' night. Hopefully that's just me being paranoid. In fact, I'm sure that's just me being paranoid. If not, don't expect anything other than me to be rubbish. I'm new to it. I've done about 5 gigs in total and don't actually have any funny jokes yet.

Urrgh. I'm stressed.

Keep thinking about smoking.

Not going to start smoking again.



lw said…
Personally I'd stick with weight watchers. But that's probably just because I don't think atkins would leave much choice for me, as a vegetarian.

But after atkins isn't there the chance that when you start with carbs again, you'll start putting back on the weight?

Good luck tomorrow ...

Great link in the sidebar btw, only just noticed it, I loved the old phone-in show :(
Nicholarse said…
Mmm. You sound suspiciously like my girlfriend, also a veggie and also not too hot on the idea of me doing the atkins.

I shouldn't put the weight back on with atkins if I then revert to Weight Watchers. Atkins doesn't really work like that. I lost 2 stone on it which have never come back, 18 down to 16 stone.

The old phone in show was good, glad you like the old audio there.


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