(Tuesday) Giggle at the cosmos you little fool.

I'm clearly a little bit ill. Despite my awful performance on Friday I've still got a burning desire to do more stand up comedy. I can't stop thinking about it. It was really good fun, even though I didn't get a single laugh. I can't quite suss out why I enjoy it so much. Since doing it, badly, on Friday it has been my pervading thought all week. Obviously, my total lack of talent regarding it is going to make it tricky to get any more stage time but I think I'm going to have to book another slot somewhere soon. It feels like it did when I just started doing radio. You sort of know you're s#it at it but you feel deep down that you could be quite good one day, even if no one else believes you.

I think I'll write some new material though. I also think I'll practice a little more than I did last time.

Before I post the following link I want to warn you that it's not pretty. My mate Matt Mackay sent me it and I've hesitated as to if I should post it on here or not. I'm guessing it's a radio compettition, which takes place in Amercia. How long before some bright spark tries to rip it off here in the UK?

It's interesting to see how the two women go from being sort of happy and friendly to just plain nasty. They're playing for $5,000, that's about £3,000? Madness. Utter madness.



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