I am sweating like mad. It's this bloody Atkins diet, you p#ss sweat all day. Still it's a sign that it's working I suppose. Thanks to the fact I've done no shopping recently, so have no food, I ended up getting take away today. Chicken omlette and fried chicken. Cost about £8. The fried chicken was like cardboard so I had to cover it in sauce to make it edible. The omlette was pretty nice though. The reason it was so expensive? It came with chips. They put chips with in with everything. I didn't want chips. I didn't order chips. They're sat in the fridge now, no use to me. Can't bear to throw them out though. Perhaps I should send them to Sir Bob Geldof?

Tomorrow I'll be getting weighed at weight watchers. However, I'm not going to tell them my devious plan. It'd only upset people if they knew I was cheating and doing the atkins diet. Be interesting to see if I actually have lost weight or not. It's always possible that I won't have.

Oddly I've not eaten anything else all day today. My little lady had a theory that the Atkins diet works because it keeps you fuller for longer. I seem to remember seeing something along those lines on some TV programme once*. The thing is it's difficult to seperate the bull from the truth on this one as there is a lot of nonsense spread about the Atkins by people who have a vested interest in selling you cheap mass produced carbohydrate foods. They were literally s#itting themselves when the diet took off.

"Woo, Dr Atkins is a con-man!" they chirped. Okay, in what way? What's he selling? Nothing. A book. Couple of food products. Non of which are essential if you want to follow his diet. Furthermore, you do it properly and it works. I mean it really works. You lose weight. End of story. F#ck all this b#llocks about "woo, is it good for you" and so forth. It gets you losing weight. That is what I want to do. I don't remember ever going on a diet because I wanted to do anything other than lose weight. I'll learn healthy eating once I'm not a big fatty.

I imagine the above rant has guaranteed that tomorrow at weight watchers I will have put on 3lbs or something.


*Poor girl got a bit of a rant off me when she mentioned it. Irritated at the suggestion that my Atkins diet wasn't a great idea I peppered it with stupid cod-biology nonsense which I don't really know much about, like the fact Dr Atkins thought "Ketosis"[wikipedia link] is responsible for you losing weight. She's really very patient with my arrogance.


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