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Do not go and see "The Queen" with Helen Mirren. It is every bit as rubbish as you'd think. I'm still a little unsure as to why I went to see it myself. Me and the lady got tricked by this sort of crap;

"Dame Helen Mirren's movie performance as the Queen has been met with critical acclaim" [link to a BBC review].

Initially I thought it was going to be utter s#it 'made for TV' nonsense. Then I got drawn into the hype machine. "Ohh, it might be good", I ended up thinking. It's all about the period in which 'Her Majesty' was flapping about as the public got upset that Diana was dead. It's a good film in that it does remind you of the emotional hysteria which went round at the time. It's a rubbish film in every other respect. Particularly bad was the bloke who is acting the role of Tony Blair. He does a cringeworthy impression of him, it's like he's taking him off. Awful. Bloody awful.

It's the second encounter I've had with something that was irredeemably s#ite, in as many days*. On the other hand you've got Tom Green's website which is genius. I spent about two hours watching it as I pottered about sorting out my room today. It's amazing, every bit as good as promised. I mentioned it here some time ago.

The problem with the film though is that it made me realise I'm starting to become a bit of a Royalist. I sort of like the fact we've got a Queen. It's sort of good. Better than any alternative which I've ever encountered. The American system for example, where a possibility of Arnie as President is a real one? I found myself watching this rubbish film and thinking things like, it'd be a shame to get rid of them though. You'd only be replacing them with c#nts like Tony Blair. Why bother?


*Yesterday's Robin Hood entry being the other.


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