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I always enjoy doing this right after I've checked my emails.

It is becoming more and more obvious that the answer to the worlds problems lies not with 'me' but 'we'.

Enlightenment is a rejection of self imposed childish behaviours.

Junkies and mice.

(Sunday) Make way for the revolution.

(Saturday) Whip snap and the little cat.

Don't allow them to put a label on you. Don't be an X Y or Z.

Chewing the chocolate

Judge Dredd ate my hamster

Email this one (Tuesday) to a mate. It's brilliant.

In 2012 the internet becomes self aware and regards its parents with the same look that they reserved for their predecessors; the apes.

The Hitmeter is slowly struggling towards the 10,000 mark

(Saturday) These words represent a piece of my brain. The piece which came up with them. Nothing more.

F F F F add five and what do you get.

Chup chap hup cap

(Wednesday) It's not quite what I was wanting.

(Tuesday) Choices don't come, time ticks by, energy is gone.

(Monday) Supposed to be random but it ends up being the source of the entry.

(Sunday) Oh my god I've got loads of stuff for here.

(Saturday) Pick the cherry blossom and pop it on your tongue. See you on the other side.

(Friday) Spotting my first few splatterings of grey hair. It's odd to think I'm getting old now. 30 next year. That will seem young one day. I hope.

Promote this site. Tell everyone how great it is. You love it you slug. It's different everyday. No adverts on it either. Done for fun.

"She tried to kill me. Just like that. Didn't work though. Jack's a smart one." he coughed into the night.

Merchandise available now.

No matter what you do, never forget that people are scumbags.

Pull my brain inside out and shoot it like a drag.

(Sunday) There but for the grace of goth I go

(Saturday) In the field of avalon, my oh my how far I'm gone