Back on weight watchers but still I go over my points! Rubbish!

This morning at 2am I went bowling for the radio station's charity, Help A Hallam Child. It was part of a 24 hour bowlathon which was initially billed as a world record attempt, although I gather that it didn't in that respect succeed. I instantly thought of my blog and took a picture of it which, now I've uploaded it looks a little bit rubbish. Somehow it fails to capture the mood of the moment.

However I am reliably informed that this set up which you see here is the one they are currently using to do some bowling championship thing or other which is being broadcasted on the telly. Or something. So that's nice.

When we arrived there was a group of students who were bowling away and generating a pleasant atmosphere. These guys were more the classic student type which you'd expect rather than the trendy young things which I'd witnessed when I went back to Essex recently. These guys liked and knew of bands like The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and Kylie Minogue. It was reassuring to see that such students still exist. My Essex experience had made me feel totally out of touch intellectually with the generation below.

My grandad used to bowl. He was slightly obsessed with going down to the bowling club. I'm sure he smiled down on me as I had a go. His smile will have been perhaps a little sarcastic as I was rubbish. Actually, I seem to remember my Grandad as being someone who didn't really do sarcasm. He was a very straight forward good guy type. Classic working class chap. I'd have liked to have known him better.

One of the last things he ever said to me was "never take up smoking". It seemed a cruel insult to his memory when I used to smoke a few years ago and I'm glad I don't do anymore. Even though recently I've been wanting to. F#ck yeah! Those cravings are strong at the moment. It's been years since I used to smoke but... woo I really could go back quite easily. However I'm pretty sure my girlfriend would kill me. On top of that you've got the cost. £5 a pop? Madness. Total madness. My girlfriend thinks that's the real reason I stopped*.

Fortunately that's not going to happen though as I'm going to be getting back into going to the gym. Today I got a call from Greens Health and Fitness, the greatest gym in the world! They're happy to allow me to continue to go to their fantastic gym and use all of its excellent facilities. Free parking for members. Reasonable rates. What a great place it is. I'm very much looking forward to working out there tomorrow. How wonderful. I'd go as far as telling all my readers that there really is no better fitness experience available in South Yorkshire.


Here's some things which amused me recently on the internet.

It's a beauty:

Here's the direct link.

Ricky Gervais once spoke about how comedy is the collision of reality and self image. Nowhere more so than in videos like the above. She's being all cool and sexy then, blam, reality bites.

Then there's this little cracker of a video montage.

Here's the direct link.

I hate stupid drivers. All of these people are speeding up to avoid the bollards. It's a shame for their passengers. My recent rants about seatbelts are re-enforced by the above video.

Elsewhere in the world there is this amusing Star Wars parody. It really made me laugh but as it's so specificly directed at Star Wars geeks I've not bothered to embed it. You'll have to follow the link.


*I'm nowhere near as cautious with money as she thinks I am. Her blog is linked to in the sidebar. She's busy writing about marriage at the moment. She's under the impression I don't read it. Amusingly she rang me on the night this happened and mentioned that the bloke in the story, Alex, had asked her "doesn't your boyfriend worry about you out on your own?". No I don't, but I like the fact that her 'massage story' was left out of the version of events she told me over the phone. Wonder if she'll ever mention it to me?


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