Chup chap hup cap

Doing the job that I do it is possible to sleep all day. Nowadays I'm mature enough to avoid doing that sort of thing, unless we're talking about exceptional circumstances. Or just instances where I'm being f#cking lazy. Sadly this is one of those instances. There's actually nothing more depressing than realising you've wasted an entire day, doing nothing whatsoever. What's worse about it is that I didn't feel any less tired than you normally do when you wake up in the morning. In fact, if anything, sleeping in seems to make me feel more knackered.

I've long thought it would be good if you could bank sleep like you do money. Spend a couple of days sleeping and then not have to bother for a week or so. I once heard that Captain Beefheart* once didn't sleep for a whole year. Probably b#llocks but certainly an exciting thought.

I'm excited by some of the posts I've had recently in the comments section of previous entries particularly one about Vernon Kaye:

Anonymous said...
I went to university with Vernon's brother. He was a good lad but whenever I see Vernon I want to burn his eyes and tongue out! He's obviously not allowed to do Family Fortunes with members of the public because he's so useless only fame-hungry celebrities he's worked with before will touch him with a bargepole.

Brilliant. An anonymous post, proof, if indeed it was needed, that Vernon Kaye should be renamed Vermin Cun#. I have a rational dislike of attractive successful blokes. It's just one of those things. It's not jealousy. I'm not jealous. Why should I be jealous? I feel sorry for him if anything. So there. Who's jealous now?


*Don't tell me you don't know who The Captain is. Seriously, don't tell me that. It wouldn't make sense because I've posted two videos of him under this bit here. Firstly there's a treat for people who do know who he is, it's the Captain playing live in 1971! Secondly there's a video for thick people who do not know who he is but want to learn. Direct links to both are posted below.

Here's the direct link.

Direct link.

Finally here's a slightly suspect video which goes along with one of my favourite tracks in the world. It's The Captain singing along with his best mate the late Frank Zappa. They're doing a song called Willie The Pimp and it's genius. It always, always, always makes me smile and for about three months it was the tune I always woke up to in the morning. Good for ya! :

Here's the direct link.


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