(Friday) Spotting my first few splatterings of grey hair. It's odd to think I'm getting old now. 30 next year. That will seem young one day. I hope.

I had an interesting journey over to Manchester as my little MP3 bubble was briefly pricked by some bloke arguing on his phone behind me. I noticed him because the two women sat opposite me were giggling away as he tried to both reason with and score points against her. Everyone on the train could hear the dopey c#nt as he got more and more annoyed; raising his voice and getting increasingly theatrical with her.

My MP3 player can record things, so I switched that function on and sat there thinking how amusing it would be to listen back to this hapless halfwit quibbling away with someone. "I could post it on my blog," I thought. "How funny that will be," went my evil brain. "Everyone can listen and chuckle at his tragic desperate anger". "Nothing funnier than something so pathetic," I reasoned. After all, everyone else on the train was finding it hilarious.

As I got off the train I eagerly listened back to it and slowly discovered that I had in my hands a piece of audio which was in fact quite depressing. As a purely audio piece it was quite sad to listen to. The comedy had vanished and all that remained was the obvious tragedy that this poor bloke had been reduced to arguing in public with someone he'd once fallen in love with. Rather than telling strangers how much he loved her he was telling them that she was "just being petty again, like always". Those early passionate moments had faded and their power had been replaced with an opposite destructive energy. It was a pity and a shame, nothing more.

I remember once walking along with my girlfriend and arguing about f#ck all in an equal fashion. There was a bloke infront of us who listened for a while and then turned round and confronted us saying something along the lines of:

"I'm sorry to interrupt but I think you should stop arguing and make up. I've got cancer and I'll be dead in less than a year. You two have got each other and you should enjoy that. You'll be dead soon. Life's too short."

Once he was out of earshot I laughed at him and called him a pr#ck, then made up with my lady. It annoyed me that he'd said something so trite but I think it also got to me that he'd been absolutely correct. I imagine the poor bloke will be dead now as this was a few years ago. He didn't look well at the time.

As I remembered this incident and listened to matey arguing on my MP3 player it struck me that there's a possibility the cancer guy had been lying. If so it'd make him an even more impressive chap. What an awesome way of shutting people up. "Hello, I've got cancer, get a bit of perspective you twonk". Genius.

It annoyed me that I'd had neither the inspiration or the balls to do something like that on the train. How amazing that would have been. Particularly if I'd have kept taping it.

On a totally different tack; I've noticed quite a significant influx of people in America who are finding this website by Google with my name as searchwords. This is odd as I do not have any public profile in the USA at all. I don't really have one in the UK if we're being frank about things. Nothing more than a secondary school teacher might reasonably expect for example.

It's just odd that in the last few weeks I've had about 30 or so people who have found this website by putting my name into Google. If you know why this might be, I'd be interested to know.

I recently used the website www.howmanyofme.com to see if it might be another Nick Margerrison but I can't find any obvious evidence of that:

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Maybe sitemeter is f#cked. Who knows. Perhaps one of those soundfiles of the phone in has "gone viral"? I'm thinking out loud now.

Also, while I'm on the subject of links, Dan Wood from Radio Aire in Leeds put me on to this online television site: www.revision3.com

It's very good.



Cabbage said…
It's all those dodgy conspiracy theory nuts you've been getting involved with.

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