Fruity little f#cker.

I'm growing a little worried by the sheer number of people I've noticed who are wandering around with headphones in their ears, blocking off the outside world. It seems that everyone has them in at the moment and I'm no exception, perhaps that's why I've started noticing it so much. MP3 players, it seems, have conquered the world. Everyone's trapped inside little podcasting* bubbles, shut off from their fellow human beings. The likelihood of a precious conversation with a stranger is an even more remote one than ever before**.

It's quite worrying.

However, I remember us being here before back in the 80's with the explosion of the Sony Walkmen which provoked simmilar fears in the chattering classes back then. Perhaps like that fasihon MP3 players will slowly but surely they slip out of fashion. I mentioned yesterday that blogging is certainly something which seems to have worked like a fashion with loads of people getting one and then only a few continuing to update them.

Maybe in the future people will go on about it on those rubbish clip show programmes, which also seem to have gone out of fashion these days. Preston off Big Brother will be there on 'I love 2006' saying;

"Oh do you remember? It was mad wasn't it? People all had these little MP3 player things. And blogs? I mean?? What was that all about? Crazy days."


"I believe our culture is turning to steam" - Alan Moore.

Right, I'm off to go and get weighed at my weekly Weight Watchers meeting. Before I go I'd just like to wish Anthony and Julia congratulations on their engagement. Amazing news! Knocked me for six. That's two weddings next year I'll be off to. Madness.


My athlete's foot is pretty calm these days but occasionally it flares up a little on my fourth toe. While I scratch it I like looking at this website; I mentioned it last night on the show. Vaguely interesting in that one of the roads in local to South Yorkshire. So... interesting to about 30% of my readership on this blog. Ruined.

*To be fair it was always a remote one. How many good conversations have you had with strangers out in the "real world"? Not many. Humans are biologically conditioned not to engage with strangers. Or at least that's what I read in a book called 'Watching The English'. Or it might have been 'The Naked Ape'. I really haven't got a clue have I? I am the bloke who knows a little about everything and a lot about nothing.

**I presume they're listening to podcasts only because that's mainly what I'm consuming at the moment. A lot of them are coming from this fantastic site, the Psychedelic Salon, which I'm adding to my sidebar right after I've finished this entry.


Lloydd said…
I decided about 2 years ago to stop listening to music through headphones. Partly, due to fear of further damaging my hearing. Partly, because I felt it was better to hear what's going on around me. I'm not regretting this decision.

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