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I'm a big fan of the writer and thinker Richard Dawkins. It heartens me that he made his recent series about religion. It's great that you can just download it from the internet*. It's annoying though, that we live in an age where irrational concepts such as religion still exist. Largely it is something which you inherit from your parents and is often an expression of love for them. It took me a while to suss that out but nowadays it's very apparent to me that in actualy fact that's how the whole thing works. "Mummy and Daddy believed so I do to," is the implicit message most people will give if you talk to them about it.

Perhaps I'm projecting here. My Mum and Dad are both atheists. Then again they always maintained that it was up to me if I wanted to follow a God or not. They even let me go to church! I used to go to a C of E church every sunday for a while as a kid. I genuinely used to believe in God. The thing which initially talked me out of it was the bible itself. Unlike most Christians I actually read the thing. If you can seriously do the same and then retain your faith you're f#cking out there man! It's a wacky book, no mistaking that. Faith or no faith.

I once had the square circle argument put to me in a book I read a while ago. It goes like this:

Can the all powerful God create a square circle?

A - Yes.

B - No.

If you answered "A" you are someone who must accept that your belief in God is irrational. Irrational people are easy to mislead, let us hope that you have not misplaced your faith in the wrong deity!

B - No. You recognise that a square circle is not possible and therefore have applied the physical laws of the universe to an all powerful god. The thin end of a thick wedge which ultimately should be able to remove you from your faith entirely! Either that or you don't believe in God in the first place and you're just playing along for fun.

There's the problem I guess. Preaching to the converted.


*Here it is. It's massive, I don't even know why I'm posting it here. No one will watch the full thing:

Here's the direct link.

Here's the link, click here.


Leather Face said…
I've been reading stuff by Alan Watts and whilst it's taking some sinking in, I feel myself being drawn towards the oriental/eastern view of life, energy and afterlife. It's helped me to enjoy my life more so again than I have for many years.

I don't think it hurts to believe in something after we die, as believing in nothingness can only lead to bitterness the closer we get to the end. But to put your life in to unproved religions is like commiting suicide. You've already killed your life by following rules from words in a book written by man!

What people tend to forget when they talk about having faith and saying stuff like "my religion is based on faith," is that to have faith, is to let go.
Nicholarse said…
The best Alan Watts talk I ever got was one about Nothing. It's genius. He's a genius. I'm glad you're into him and hope others get into him too!


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