In 2012 the internet becomes self aware and regards its parents with the same look that they reserved for their predecessors; the apes.

The Monday Dog

This picture is proof I am a fanatical idiot when it comes to gathering dog pictures. To the untrained eye this looks like a picture of a car. Look closer and you'll see, in the back window, a dog resting with its paws out infront of it. I saw this little b#gger when I was driving from Tescos having done a bit of shopping. Originally it was sat up and as I struggled to get my camera phone onto it I genuinely almost crashed my car. As I took the picture it decided to put its head down and have a little rest. As a result I almost crashed my car taking a picture which most people don't even believe contains a dog.

Today during my show I had a call off the infamous "Jim on the motorway"*. He mentioned that a friend of his was a reader of this blog and that they'd got the impression that I was going to be making a return to speech radio soon. It was good to chat to him off air about life the universe and everything for a while.

I've been trying to write up my stand-up comedy routine recently. It's sort of taking shape. I think it's better than it ever has been and may actually go okay if I can get some stage time soon. My last performance resulted in me getting soundly booed off stage. I'm choosing to use that as a learning experience but have scrapped plans to turn the sotry of how that happened into a stand-up routine.

Here's some video of one of the stars of Seinfeld, Michael Richards, being hilarious recently at a place in America called The Laugh Factory. He's the bloke who played Kramer. I never really understood Seinfeld, a mate of mine thought it was genius and as a result I gave it some serious time but never quite got it.

The outburst is big news in America where people are more than a little ticked off with his racist nonsense. What I love about the video is that firstly it's a sign of how much things are changing in the media. No mainstream media organisation would broadcast this but nowadays there's no way of stopping it getting out. Secondly I love the way that the atmosphere in the room changes slowly as people realise that Kramer hasn't really got anything funny to say once he's laid down the racial slurs. Thirdly it fascinates me that you've only got the car crash and not whatever it was that preceeded it. Apparently the blokes he's having a go at were talking through his act. That's one of the most f#cking annoying things in the world! Why go to see comedy and then talk through it? Why? Insane.

Still, it's Kramer who ends up looking like a c#nt. Such is life when you're doing stand-up comedy. The direct link is here. I enjoyed reading the debate which follows in the comments section.


*If you go into the sidebar of this blog you can find some audio of him on my old phone in show. He would regularly ring me up and tell me I was an idiot. 9 times out of 10 he was probably right. Despite rumours to the contrary he wasn't a set up caller. He was the real thing. Very good caller though and rightly one of the most famous.


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