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Here's today's Monday dog. Aren't dog's really clever? They can do tricks like this one is doing here. What trick is it doing Nick? Well, it's going the, "give me a paw" trick. My dog was very good at that trick. I think little tricks like that prove dogs are much better than cats, which of course they are. This picture was taken by my sister and sent over to me on bluetooth I think. There's still no fear of my running out of dog pictures anytime soon. My phone is full of them. If you want to send me a dog picture pop it in an email and I'll feature your dog next week on Monday's Dog Picture.

A few days ago I was driving over the pennines with my mate. Actually, he was driving and I was a passenger. I'd had a go at him about wearing a seatbelt so he'd got one on but oddly I'd forgotten to put mine on. As we went over the woodhead pass, or the snake pass, one of the two, we had to swerve to avoid various people who were stood on the road. "Bloody hell," muttered my mate as we wove in and out of all the different obstacles. Then suddenly, the unthinkable happened and another car came straight for us. My mate swerved and hit one of the metal barriers which stop you flying off the edge of the hill. As he hit it I fell out of the car and onto the grass, only to look up and to my horror watch as he fell down into the gorge below.

I was horrified.

I quickly picked up his car, popped it in my pocket, and ran home to Mummy and Daddy. There I told them what had happened and insisted that we call the Police or and Ambulance or something. My Dad asked if my mate was okay and I gingerly opened up the car door. Blood oozed out of it. I rang 999;

"Hello, I need an Ambulance quickly, my mate's been hurt in a car crash. I think he might be dead!"

"How do we know you're serious?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well you might be having a laugh."

"No, seriously, I've looked in the car and there's loads of blood oozing out."

"That might just be tomato sauce."


"Okay, we'll come and have a look."

I was totally confused and really distraught. Then my Dad said to me "how do you know that you haven't just made all of this up?". I got annoyed and told him that my mate was definately dead. "How come you're alive then?" he asked. I explained how I'd fallen out because I'd not been wearing a seatbelt and he laughed and said "have you not thought that you might be dreaming yet?".

I felt like such an idiot. It's the second time something like this has happened. What annoys me even more is that as soon as I twigged it was a dream I woke up. Ruined.

This You Tube clip is very funny.

Direct link.

This one is the same thing but funnier.

Direct link.



Lloydd said…
Is that the same dog I met when I visited your house in 2001? I still have nightmares after seeing it's trickling lipstick.
Nicholarse said…
Ha ha. No, that one was a black labrador sheep dog cross called Freddy!

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