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I wish politicians would understand that if you add "war" to a problem you only ever make it worse. War on Drugs = more drugs problems than ever before. War on poverty = gap between rich and poor wider than ever. War on terror = more terrorists and more terror.

Today I took quite a stressful call from someone concerned that the soldier who has been killed in Iraq recently might be a close relative of theirs. I had no way of knowing as the news we do at that time of night is sent via satellite to us from a newsroom in London.

I had a quick look on the internet while she was on the phone but couldn't give her anymore detail.

The strange thing is that it really brought home to me the horrible reality of what our society is doing at the moment. I'd literally spent all of my day in a nice little bubble that I've been developing for some time now. My MP3 player accompanied me to the gym where I worked out for a bit. Then I came home and spent some time reading back issues of the fantastic 2000AD comic I get delivered every week.

I drove to work with my little MP3 player entertaining me all the way and then settled down to do some show-prep which involved me mainly getting together interesting and amusing elements of pop trivia. The bubble had me in quite a contented mood. I'd had nice food and all in all it had been a good day punctuated by me thinking how lovely the world can be.

It's shocking then, to remember that our country is currently occupying another for no good reason. It's even worse to know that a 19 year old kid has been killed as part of that.

The question is; what the f#ck do you do about it?

I was thinking I might write a letter to Tony Blair.

Dear Tony

I voted for you and your New Labour Party in the UK general election of 1994. I was in fact an active member of that political party's youth group. I remember being very excited when you got in. What the f#ck went wrong mate?

Yours Sincerely,

Nick Margerrison.

The sad part is that I think he'd know what I was talking about. I'm of the honest opinion that he knows the war was a bad idea but I've nothing to base that on other than the fact that he looks and acts like a decent bloke. It's too much for my little mind to take the idea that he could possibly believe that invading Iraq like that was a good move.

A mate of mine who met him once said that he makes a point of overlaying his hand when he goes in to shake it. Sort of overpowers your hand on purpose. I don't know why that surprised me. He's obviously in reality not a very nice bloke at all.

Politicians are really just f#cking gangsters who get away with it. It's legalised crime. He's at the top of the power pyramid*.

Currently he's trying to secure his legacy with a round of interviews and PR stunts. There's no doubt in my mind that he will always be remembered for the war in Iraq and his Government's awful, quite unexpected, authoritariansm. The Tories will of course be worse.

I sincerely hope that the woman who called me finds out that the awful news she feared doesn't actually affect her family. I also hope that they bring our troops home soon. There really is no need for them to be there. Let the Americans take care of their stupid war on terror.


On a lighter note, a while ago I watched Russell Brand in a comedy club, before he was famous, being a rubbish stand-up. Turns out he's quite good now. If he writes all his own material I could end up being a fan.

*Or so they all say, right conspiracy theorists? He just looks and acts good to fool fu#knuts like me doesn't he? I know his game. I see things... mumble mumble.


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