No matter what you do, never forget that people are scumbags.

Oh dear. Last night I munched on some crisps and had a sandwich despite being on my total points allowance. You're allowed to go over by 4 points if you make it up the next day but unfortunately I went over by 5 points with my silly pickled onion sandwich antics.

Yes, that's right, pickled onion sandwiches. There's a sketch in the late lamented series "Bottom" where Eddie prepares a trap for Ritchie which includes 'a pickled onion sandwich'. I've never heard of such a sandwich outside of the confines of this comedy programme so I'm not sure if part of the joke is that such a sandwich would be disgusting in real life. Some time ago I made one and really liked it.

Bottom of course isn't on the telly these days and they've stopped touring it as well. I always feel a little pang of guilt when I think of those two. The reason for this is when they came to Sheffield to perform 'Bottom' I went on air and slagged them off as being past it and out of new ideas. Later in the year I heard an interview with Adrian Edmondson which was being conducted in Sheffield City hall. He sounded a bit glum and was talking about how he was going to knock it on the head because it was all a bit old hat and people were getting sick of it. I literally froze when I heard him, one of my childhood heroes saying exactly what I'd been saying.

I'm not under the impression that there's a definite connection between the two events but when I heard him talking I immediately felt guilty. He sounded so bereft and emotionally drained in the interview and the idea that I might have in some way contributed to that was an awful thought. So, y'know. In the even less likely situation that either of them even end up reading this blog here's a meesage to them both:

"Hey guys. I love you. You're both brilliant and without your comedy stuff my life would have been a little duller."

Now I've made myself sick. You just can't win can you? F#ck it all.

Here's an amusing Mighty boosh live piece which they did for the recent Amnesty event. I hate to say it but it's not really thier best work. They're getting a bit tired these days aren't they?

Then again it is a charity gig.

Oh balls, not again.

Erm... in the unlikely event that they ever read this please refer to the above message initially intended for Ade and Rik.



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