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Something has to be done about the rude people who live in this world. I'm not a violent person but I'm starting to think a calculated policy of instant slaps might be the answer. That'd just make things worse though, right?

It's starting to tick me off though, like a minor irritant which will eventually explode pressure cooker style*. It just amazes me how many humans there are who think it's okay to be rude. For example I was driving along in my car today and a woman pulled out infront of me. She had her hand pressed flat out against her side window in a sort of "stop there" signal but the bit that really irked me is the fact she was so obviously flatly refusing eye contact. She was barging in and all her body language said was "f#ck you"! That's what people do. They pull out infront of you, block you off, act like a t#at and think it's okay if they can just avoid eye contact.

Another thing that grates on me is people who do not respond to a smile or a little "sorry" comment or something. You know the type, they bump into you like a c#nt and then they think it's okay to let you say sorry without even acknoledging you're there or more importantly that it's actually their fault. I can't work out what I'd like to happen to those sort of people, lets for the sake of argument call them by their official name; 'ignorant c#nts'. I've ranted about people who don't return a smile before, I'm of the opinion that they are on the rise and must be stopped. The only problem is I don't know how best to do that. Slapping the c#nts isn't likely to work is it?

Perhaps it'd be good if they got a quick slap everytime they behaved like a t#at? I dunno. Something needs to be done.

Maybe I should learn the lesson of yesterday's post and be a little more positive towards them. How that would work I don't know. Maybe I should just not let them irritate me. Or, maybe I should shave my beard off. Apparently most people distrust men with beards. Perhaps that's where I'm going wrong. I think it makes me look too mean and tough. Not a good thing. It needs cutting down anyway.

Rude people. They're rude. I've cut my beard down inbetween that last paragraph and my current one what you're reading right now as we speak. Looks okay. Now I'm not as fat as I used to be. We'll see what the boss thinks when she sees it tomorrow.


This guy's a bit of a legend. I found him because he was busy slagging off Alex Jones.

Here's his take on the recent elections in America:

Here's him rapping about conspiracy theorists:

And here's a link to his fantastic YouTube page.

*Am I the only person who remembers an episode of Neighbours where Harold Bishop got caught up in a nasty exploding pressure cooker accident? Probably I am. I remember it chiefly because my Mum was and is terrified of hers blowing up for no reason so I grew up thinking of them as stupidly dangerous objects. A bit like toasted sandwich makers which I remeber my Dad once declaring to be "the f#cking devil's invention those things" when he burnt his finger on "the bastard" once. He was livid. Put me off them for years as well. Good job, they don't half make you fat!


James Piekos said…
The pressure cooker blew up on my mum once, too. She was absolutely livid, and as I remember, blamed it on my Dad for purchasing a substandard pressure cooker. As I said, she was livid. So livid that my sister and I didn't get to go to our swimming lessons that evening. Ruined.

The moral of this story? Pressure cookers are rubbish.

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