(Saturday) In the field of avalon, my oh my how far I'm gone

I went and watched the new film, Borat, this weekend. If you miss one major film this year make it that one. It was un-believeable b#llocks. Really, staggeringly rubbish. On the same sort of level as the Ali G film. As I staggered out of the theatre it was hard not to dismiss Sacha Baron Cohen as anything more than a tedious unfunny racist. What annoys me is that I find his TV stuff to be consistently good*. I really don't understand why the films he does are so consistently bad. Perhaps its that there's no morality to his work whatsoever and although on the surface that sounds exciting what it means is that there's no real substance to any of it. Without any passion or soul in it a film is usually a rather vaccous experience. This one was no exception. Good parody requires an inherent love of the subject you're attempting to ridicule. There's no love in this film for the "wacky foreigner" type which is its subject. It's just a sort of nasty cruel boring attack on a culture which doesn't even, in reality, exist.

Here's a word for word exchange from my radio show:

Caller: "I thought it was great"
Me: "What? What are you? An idiot?"
Caller: "Well, I did have my tongue down my girlfriend's throat at the time"

Bingo! He's a kid, he didn't even watch it. He's only saying he liked it becuase of ther massive media campaign behind it. The only area in which I feel able to compliment the film. They did very good work promoting it via the internet. It was on myspace. F#ck I think I even posted a video for it**. They even did a special preview through the evil Myspace site and a mate of my girlfriend's went to see it. He told me it was good! It was s#ite. But he told me it was good? I suspect he did so because he'd been invited to a premiere. It'll have excited the fool. Arrgh. I feel genuinely conned.

It'll end up being like The Eminem film. Sh#tloads of people go and see it and on that level it's a success but everyone who goes will feel strangely undernorished for the next few days.

I certainly felt emotionally bereft after I'd watched it.


When I think about it I run the risk of getting drawn into a big black hole which is sat in my memory and still retains the raw power to literally suck joy from my mind.

So I'll stop thinking about it. It's s#it. Don't bother with it. If you do and you like it, add a comment below explaining what the f#ck is wrong with you.

If I inadvertantly drew you towards that piece of sh#t film I'd just like to apologise.

To make amends here's a clip of the world's greatest stand-up comedian. Go buy his DVD it's great. In fact I think if the clip below doesn't amuse you, you're really not allowed to carry on reading this blog. Sorry.

Here's the direct link.


*I seem to be alone in this. Everyone else has noticed he's past it. But, I don't understand, his TV stuff makes me laugh! It must be funny. Mustn't it?

**Here's the link to that entry. I was caught up in a viral marketing campaign. I am a fool.


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