(Saturday) Pick the cherry blossom and pop it on your tongue. See you on the other side.

Yesterday I went to see a Deacon Blue concert with a mate of mine who has a myspace page here. It was an odd experience in that I enjoyed it but wasn't quite as blown away as everyone else appeared to be. I'd always thought of Deacon Blue as an okay band, not an awesome one but certainly not a rubbish one either. The rabid reaction of their crazed fanbase at this sell out theatre gig therefore took me a bit by surprise.

After they did a pretty solid cover version of a Neil Young song I decided I needed to go to the toilet to have a wee wee so I got up and headed through the rows of seats. That was, as you'd expect, awkward. While I stood at the urinal I could hear the audience start whooping and cheering to the opening notes of one of the bands precious few hits. Coming back down the aisle way was a frought experience. When I got to the end of my row I was grabbed by a big fat woman who started dancing with me. Not wanting to spoil the mood I sort of smiled at her and shrugged then decided to duck out and run to the bar.

There was an odd crowd of people at the gig, not the sort you might expect. I even saw someone getting turfed out by security, into a waiting stretch limo? Madness.

If anything the whole experience reminded me how much of a fan I am of Neil Young. He's great. Not so long ago I saw a film about him which made me cry like a little baby it was so good. It would annoy me to think that anyone who reads this blog didn't at least have the chance to know who he is and so with that in mind I've posted a couple of videos of him below.

Here's the direct link.

Oddly today when me and my girlfriend went out to a bar, this song "Old Man" was blazing away on the sound system. It put me in a good mood for the rest of the night.

Here's the direct link.

This is a song I want played at my funeral. It's one of the most powerful songs ever recorded and it always gets the tears in my eyes. This particular performance I have on VHS, it's sat over in the corner of my bedroom and it's a cracker. Awesome. If you don't like it I don't like you.



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