(Saturday) These words represent a piece of my brain. The piece which came up with them. Nothing more.

The little poll which I've got going in my sidebar is tickling my naturally contrary nature. The question I've asked the readers of this blog is; "Were the attacks of 11/9 an inside job?". The results are currently "Yes" 45%, "No" 30% and "Maybe" 25%. I voted "Maybe" in the poll when I was checking to see that it worked properly.

Oddly this current result has sort of annoyed me. I've never quite made my mind up about the 11/9 attacks, or indeed any of the terrorist attacks. I talk a good conspiracy game but when push comes to shove my sympathies lie with the establishment. I once read a description of George Orwell as being "a typical British subject, awkward but loyal". I think I'm in the same vein.

A mate of mine recently texted me to ask about a lyric in The Beatles's song 'Revolution'*. On the single edit Lennon chants: "You say you want a revolution/ Well you know/ We all want to change the world/ You tell me that it's evolution/ Well you know/ We all want to change the world/ But when you talk about destruction/ Don't you know that you can count me out... in."

Those last few words sum it up for me. In interview Lennon said it represented the fact that he wasn't sure about the idea of smashing the state. I think I'm the same. Guess that makes me flakey.

My problem is that I'm never sure about anything. I've always lived by the dictate that knowing the answer to the question means you no longer need to think about it. Not thinking isn't good. Surely therefore it's always better to eliminate the possibility of certainty from any answer you give to anything. That way you never stop thinking. The idea of not thinking anymore scares me. I genuinely believe there are some people who just give up thinking. They decide to knock the whole process on the head and just slip into the routines of their life. The walking dead.

I want to be able to always challenge anything and everything. I believe that's the best way. Get yourself into the mind-state where it's possible that a super being from beyond the realms of truth is just waiting to pull up the curtains of reality and laugh "surprise" into your stupid pudgy face. Maybe not. I'm not sure.

Rule #1: There are no rules.

Rule #2: Even rule #1 is not absolute.

Rule #3: No smoking in the communal areas.

Challenge everything. Even that statement.

Mmmm. I think I've lost the thread a bit here.

Perhaps the reason that the poll results have irked me is that I'm worried that parts of the UK are suffering from a myopia as regards radical Islam. I watched a series of programmes today about Al Queda and so forth. I think it's important for people to remember that there are some people who really do fu#king hate Britain and all that we stand for.

Always good to have that in mind.

I think.


*He knows me as a major Beatles fan. I'm without doubt a bit of an obsessive when it comes to their stuff.


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