(Saturday) Whip snap and the little cat.

My flatmate Matt told me how yesterday he had the following conversation:

Hairdresser: "I seen that new Borat film, have you seen it yet?"

Matt: "Yeah, crap wasn't it. Tell you what, that's two films Sacha Baron Cohen has made that were rubbish."

Hairdresser: "Boring wasn't it? ... That Borat though, he's come up from a right poor country hasn't he?"

Matt: "How do you mean?"

Hairdresser: "Well... you see it on the film, they show you how poor they all are. I felt sorry for him. I hope he makes some money from his film."

Obviously Matt was a little lost for words. I find it sobering that there are people in this world who aren't really keyed into the same reality as me at all. I'd have thought it was f#cking obvious that Borat wasn't a real person but apparently it's not.

Imagine what her world must be like. She presumably thought she was going along to see a documentary of some kind. In some of the promos Borat says that if his film doesn't do well his Government will kill him. No wonder she wants him to do well.

I hated the Borat film with a passion and was surprised to find today that two of our mates really enjoyed it. It was hard for me to believe that anyone could have enjoyed that piece of s#it film, much less two people who appear to have functioning brains. It was quite a shock. Still, that said, we were just coming out from the cinema where we'd just watched the new Bond film.

I hate James Bond films and this one was every bit as good as I expected it to be. The only thing about it that was interesting on any level was the sheer volume of product placement*. Car logs and mobile phone logos and every possible type of corporate c#ck was on display in full. It annoyed me that they went to such lengths to present the brands to this maximum capacity theatre. Then things took a really odd turn as right in the middle of this plug-fest James Bond was given an identification chip implant.

It gave me a real shock to see it happen. Interestingly the chip isn't portrayed in a particularly positive light and it's also deceptively easy for Bond to remove it towards the end of the film but its presence in it ties in with everything that those conspiracy nuts I'm trying to leave behind predicted. They always said it would be marketed as something which aspirational role model types would have. A high society gimick and also something that young people would want. And there it was, right in the middle of this film being programmed into the consciousness of this packed out cinema.

Try as I might it's f#cking hard to shake off the ramblings of those conspiracy nuts. Mainly because time after time their ramblings seem to come true! Later on me and my girlfriend saw a programme on More 4 called Suspect Nation about the subject of microchips where the presenter himself actually has one injected into his arm. Fortunately the magic of the internet makes this programme available right here and now for you, my dear reader...

I warn you though, this badboy is 47mins long. That said, I reckon they'll take it down in the next few days. It's google video are getting pretty quick on copyright content. Oh yeah, here's the direct link.

I distinctly remember laughing at a conspiracy nut in the late 90's as he ranted on about microchips in some Louis Theroux programme. How funny I thought, he thinks they're going to try and stick microchips in us. Ho ho ho. Doesn't seem quite so funny these days.

I look forward to the microchipping agenda stepping its efforts up a notch next year. See you in hell!


*Product placement. Like when people mention a brand name in order to get favours etc. Like, for example, if I started telling you how great Greens Health and Fitness is. You know, if I went on about the excellent facilities and then went on to tell you how good its staff were. It's quite a tricky thing to do without seeming like a c#nt. Product placement I mean, not going to Greens Health and Fitness. Going to Greens Health and Fitness without seeming like a c#nt is easy to do. In fact it's got a Nick Margerrison no c#nts guarantee.


This is the reason they took your talkshow off you Nick. Get it back as soon as you can. We're fucked man. Totally fucked unless people can get the word out and explain the debat to thickos like that hairdresser.
Nicholarse said…
I'm not sure I want to comment on that. I'm already thinking I went a bit OTT in the above post.

Also, I'm not sure if the Hairdresser is/was thick. She's just not informed about pop culture nonsense like Borat.


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