(Sunday) Oh my god I've got loads of stuff for here.

My little love affair with Alex Jones* has ended in dissapointement. I've been recently listening to his radio show as a podcast and enjoying some of his nonsense on the website Infowars.com, however, recently I've noticed that he seems to get his facts wrong on things. Flat wrong. Quite frequently. It's dissapointing. For example, his film Terrorstorm asserts that the London bombings were carried out in the UK before the election of that year. That's wrong. I recently stumbled over this bit of audio where he talks about handgun laws in the UK, managing to get his facts wrong yet again. It's annoying. Particularly given that a lot of what he's doing is getting irate that the powers that be are bending their facts to fit a pre-determined world view. I've emailed him my thoughts but don't expect to get a reply anytime soon. It was fun while it lasted.

The problem is that now I'm sort of conspiracy theoried out of the game. He was my little key to the weird world of excitement and danger that comes with thinking that the New World Order are about to destroy you. Other than him there's David Icke I suppose but he's clearly a bit bonkers. You can't prove his stuff wrong but I don't seriously believe that the world is controlled by shape-changing lizards who live in the lower fourth dimension. Not until there's at least a shred of evidence for it anyway.

In my at points quite desperate searching for something interesting and silly I've landed on the idea of looking into a UFO cult. You know, these people who believe we've already been contacted by aliens from outer space. They seem like fun and to this end I'm going to spend my spare time looking into their stuff for a bit, despite the fact it's f#cking insane.

Quite excitingly there's a group of people local to me who are part of the Aetherius Society. They're one of the first ever UFO cults. Their late founder used to hear voices which told him;

"Prepare yourself! You are to become the voice of Interplanetary Parliament."

He was clearly a legend. I'm thinking it might be fun to go along and meet them, see what's what. They're based in Barnsley. I've heard that they prey for ages and store up their preying power in a battery! Brilliant.

Failing that there's the Unariuns who seem to have the best stories and the Raelians who have the highest profile. I dunno. Maybe I should get on with writing my stand-up set, waste my time like that instead.


*Who the f#ck is Alex Jones? He's an uber-conspiracy theorist who has a very entertaining and bombastic style of presentation. He does a radio show and makes films about the New World Order and their plans to destroy our freedoms. There's links to his stuff in the sidebar. Use them while you can, I'm thinking of tidying that thing up soon so they might not be there forever.


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