(Tuesday) Choices don't come, time ticks by, energy is gone.

"F#cking Vernon Kaye, look at him, the c#nt. Presenting Family f#cking fortunes. What a t#at. A sh#t show and a s#ite presenter. What a c#nt. He's putting that accent on for a start. I bet he doesn't talk like that in real life."

"What? You just slag people off for no reason. I like Vernon Kaye."

"He's a c#nt. He's insincere, playing the role of stupid northerner. He's a d#ckhead."

"Why don't you like him, it's like that Jamie Oliver rant we had before, they're just nice blokes."

"He's a c#nt as well. You can tell. It's in his eyes. Pudgy faced wa#ker."

"Why, what's he ever done to you?"

"I remember once on that Friday Night Project thing he slagged off Justin Lee Collings for having a beard. There you go. Proof positive that he's a c#nt. And he's a Tory."

"You said you were going to vote Tory!"

"As a joke. I'm not going to vote for any of them. They're all tw#ts."

"Yeah, as a joke Jamie Oliver slagged off Justin Lee Collings for having a beard. It's a comedy show."

"Many a true word spoken in jest," looks smugly as if that's a point scored.

"No, he said it as a joke."

"When's X Factor on?"



Anonymous said…
I went to university with Vernon's brother. He was a good lad but whenever I see Vernon I want to burn his eyes and tongue out! He's obviously not allowed to do Family Fortunes with members of the public because he's so useless only fame-hungry celebrities he's worked with before will touch him with a bargepole.
Anonymous said…
C.F. to getting "arrows" in the side bar.

The side bar is available when you upgrade to the beta version of Blogger. The upgrade is a bit of a hassle, but worth while! It allows you to edit the blog both graphically as well as via HTML.

Make sure you cut and paste your current HTML into notepad before the upgrade; it is very useful in allowing you to put features back into the blog (i.e. counters).
Neil Porter said…
Any thoughts on Sting?

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