Cut through the pears and mustard if you like. It's all the same to me.

I've just spent a little bit of time rearranging this blog. I'd really like to hear any opinions on the changes I've made, even though they're only very slight. I'm a bit conservative myself and almost automatically resist change so I've held off a total facelift for the site. I don't think it really needed one. The reason for the change is that I've opted to use a new "Blogger Beta" programme which the site owners Google have been f#cking pushing down our throat for some time. Anyone with a blogger account will be familliar with the constant demands that you upgrade, sorry, 'suggestions'.

I'm very suspicious of anything that is pushed so hard by a big corporation and had been expecting it to be a complete disaster. So far though eveything is going fine. I'd say at the moment I find it to be an improvement. I've always wanted to have the sidebar on the right hand side so it's easier to ignore and I've always wanted to be able to easily add little extras to it like I have. Also I've always wanted the collapsing menu function in the previous posts section. F#cking hell I really am a geek, there's no debate about that is there?

The only thing I'm a little unsure about is my beloved sitemeter. The hitcounter which I really probably shouldn't have. It took me sometime to decide if it was a force for good or evil and in the end I decided I liked it. So I kept it. It was tricky to put onto this new version of blogger but driven purely by my own ego I've managed, I think, to keep it.

I got a recent text message off a mate of mine reading:

dude - download inconvenient truth on google video - we're f#cked.

I did. And we are. Here it is for your own amusement. Warning it's long and depressing.

Direct link.

POST NOTE: The video above has been removed. I suspect for copyright reasons.



Lloydd said…
Most watchers of CBBC's Newsround know the truth about the impending ecological disaster and what to do about it. But the world is controlled by the type of kids who watch CITV and drink Tizer.
Nicholarse said…
That said, there's just been a hurricane in London. Surely that's got to shake people up a bit?

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