Danced by the light of his evil deeds not knowing they were about to swallow him whole.

Not for the first time on this blog do I eat my words. "Your teeth look really clean, more so than usual," announces my girlfriend this morning. I'm therefore going to put the following words on a plate and guzzle them down before your very eyes. Mmm. Yum yum. They taste nice and bitter with an awkward aftertaste. What the f#ck do I know?

Today and yesterday I had fun hassling one of my mates with the following nonsense after I'd had a few beers:

I think it's fair to say that the earth could be a giant foetus gradually becoming one consciousness. Its gestation period; around 4.5 million years? Now the internet spreads out over the earth creating the brain of this huge organism. Already one half of the earth's electricity is generated for use by computers which are connected to it. In 2012 it will inevitably become self aware.

ok terence - but what's this self aware earth gonna do about us. surely it'll work at such an incomprehensible speed that we will be like geology is to us.

Good point. It'll dominate us I guess. Like we do the trees. Perhaps it'll go on to create new life within itself. Novelty theory suggests that when we hit a singularity there will be huge consciousness advances made in matters of seconds. Fully formed self aware consciousnesses being born within the bowels of this giant interconnected microprocessing environment. Like all life forms it will be duplicating with error. Be well my friends!

The "Terrence" reference is a nod towards the progenator of the theories which I'm spouting. Terrence McKenna. He's currently my new guru. After rejecting the frequently wrong Alex Jones and getting bored of the obviously bonkers David Icke I've been looking around for someone who is capable of spouting nonsense for some time. Finally I've landed firmly on the shoulders of the late Terrence McKenna. I think the main quality one of these gurus needs is an articulate command of the English language. If they've got that, I'm in.

Here's Terrence McKenna dishing out some nonsense with The Shaman to pilled up morons when he was still alive.

Direct link.

Now try and tell me that guy is not a fu#king legend!



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