(Friday) Eat some more. Then some more. Keep eating.

"Don’t let the pirates burn a hole in your pocket..." says the serious man on the advert. Now I hate pirates they're quite clearly baddies. They have a skull and cross bones on their black flag and if that's not sure fire proof that they're the baddies I'll have to have a serious re-think as regards my moral code. The advert takes a serious tone with me and continues "You wouldn’t steal a car... You wouldn't steal a handbag...". So far I'm in total agreement with this advert thanks to it's clever mindtricks. What's it going to sell me? If it can keep up this sort of moral logic I'll buy two of them or maybe three. "You wouldn’t steal a television... You wouldn’t steal a movie..." totally right so far. Me and this advert are on the same wavelength. Tell me what you want me to buy, I'll buy it. Unless it's a car, or a telly, I can't really afford either of them at the moment what with Xmas and so on.

"Movie piracy is stealing. Stealing is against the law. Piracy, it’s a crime" declares the advert in a manner which suggests it has solved a complex equation then like David Brent it goes "FACT". Doh. The advert was like that bloke in the pub who seemed to be making total sense before he started yabbering on about God. I feel cheated.

I would not steal a car. I might make an accurate copy of that car and then use that one though. Provided it passed its MOT*. Same goes for all the other analogies. Oh dear. An advert and concept which I totally agree with morally has been f#cked by its attempts to appeal to idiots.

I think a better advert would be a testimonial from a bloke who works in films, "hello, I need to make some money, I work in the film industry and if you copy our films rather than watch them I get paid less. So, erm, don't please".

The debate surrounding intellectual property is not very well understood by most people. My Mum is a professional academic and as a result I feel pretty well versed in the concept and issues surrounding it's theft. The best ever explanation of it that I've seen is in the Stewart Lee stand-up set I posted in this blog entry. One of my best Xmas presents this year was a copy of that material on DVD from the fantastic Go Faster Stripe as bought for me by my girlfriend.

Chris Moyles ripped some of my act off once and it's a bit he still uses to this day despite me meeting him and talking to him about it face in Leeds once. I keep meaning to write a blog entry about it but can't because I've not read any of his book yet. I'm not sure I can bring myself to read it. He's clearly a nice enough bloke who just unfortunately happens to have become creatively symptomatic of everything that's currently wrong with the world. Also we've got mutual friends who I wouldn't want to upset.

One for the future I think. Chris wins eh?


*Observant long time readers will have sussed that my MOT is due again soon. Those who are new to this blog can click on that link to see what I'm talking about. This very subtle MOT reference is the first of many planned 'callbacks' which require a memory and attention span which falls way outside of the reach of a normal well adjusted human being.


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