(Friday) Just say it.

So today I went out in Manchester and enjoyed the festive spirit. Me and the lady went round with a couple of our mates to various different pubs. At one of them we saw bloke being forcibly removed. It was quite exciting to see a little scr#tey getting a bit of swift rough justice. He was acting like a tw#t and was treated accordingly. Lovely stuff. I was tempted to wish him merry Xmas as his leary ass bounced off the pavement. If only life was always like that.

I got pretty sauced and then videoed the taxi driver as we drove home. His taxi was made out like a Santa's Grotto and the bloke was clearly a legend of some kind. I told him I'd post the video up here as soon as possible, forgetting that I'd not have that facility 'til later next week. I will do as soon as I can.

It's really quite exciting to me that I can now put up video on this blog. My earlier post about Glastonbury is hosted by YouTube and independently of this blog has had over 100 views. This is obviously because of the event's profile, people looking for music videos and stuff have stumbled upon it and doubtless been dissapointed.

Jolly good, I'm off to indulge a little more alcohol.

And food.

I'm getting really fat.



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