High alerts - 30 conspiracies - Terrorism - Etc. (Friday)

After much internal debate I've decided to switch my Weight Watchers plan from Full Choice to No Count. The difference between the two is that I'm now doing a diet where I eat food that is good for me until comfortably full rather than quantifying the ammount of stuff I'm having. The advantage of the diet I've just stopped doing, Full Choice, is that you can in theory eat whatever the f#ck you want, just in limited measures. I think I'd gotten into a rut with it though. I was munching a load of processed foods and microwave meals. Also I was ploughing down chocolate and crisps and so forth. Stuff I knew wasn't good for me, then going hungry for a bit. I don't have that option now. Crisps are off the menu!

I'm sceptical as to whether or not it will work, eating until I'm comfortably full. I can eat f#cking sh#tloads of food. I'm not quite as awesome a force as some people but I can pack it away. I remember me and a mate once going to Pizza Hut all you can eat and stuffing away around four or five of them each. That was back in my hardcore days. Still, even now I've got a pretty big stomach. I don't know that a "No Count" diet will work.

Oddly enough though I've sort of gone full circle with my dieting as plain and simple healthy eating is what that stupid Rosemary Conley diet ended up being about. I bought into that at the time because the Gi diet was touted as being a bit like Atkins. Her version of it was nothing like the atkins and I found Rosemary's particular book to be, in my opinion, very self serving and patronising. A total waste of money.

I guess exercise and less crappy foods are the obvious way forwards. I trace being a fatty back to one fatal decision which I made while at primary school. There was a girl I fancied there whose Mum never gave her crisps so she'd ask everyone else if she could have one. I remember pestering my poor Mother for a bag of crisps in my packed lunch. At the time I wasn't much of a fan of crisps so I thought I could share them with this girl and then sort of get in with her and then one day we'd get married or something.

Didn't quite turn out like that.

What actually happened is that I realised I thought crisps were brilliant and I sat in the corner eating them all and not sharing even slightly. My weight went up and down from that point onwards. Prior to that I was actually quite skinny.

See it's not really my fault at all, in a way.




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