I'm not sure I like the idea of the internet V2.

Today I went to the weight watchers Xmas party. I'd put on half a pound, not too bad considering the week I've had. I think both the gym and the No Count regime I've taken on recently seem to be working out pretty well. This week is of course a week in which I've eating big Xmas meals, attending Xmas parties and popping in to Chiquitos where I ate like a King. Actually, although I documented my recent visit there for some reason I forgot to include this truely amazing picture of what I can only describe as a miracle of some kind.

As you can see the picture shows a knife sticking firmly to a fork. So much so it has lifted the fork off the table and is holding it up. It's magical. It was almost like the handle of the knife was magnetized or something. Just out of the picture there you can see my girlfriend. Despite what you may think she was as utterly amazed as I was! Imagine her face looking astonished and you've got a pretty good idea of what she looked like. I was unable to explain what was causing the phenomenon so I decided it must be God's doing. As a result I also made a video of it.

I was going to post the video up as well but while I was tinkering about trying to work out how such a thing would be possible I got distracted and instead ended up posting a different one altogether. The one I've posted is superior in that it's a bit more interesting. It's of Glastonbury in 2005 (I think) when there were floods which swamped loads of people's tents.

You'd also be able to find the direct link here

If you look at where the mud reaches up on the tents in that final shot you'll get some idea of how high the water level was for the poor buggers who pitched them there.

I'm off to bed now where I'm going to get all excited at the major breakthrough which this above video represents for this blog. Blimey crikey! I can post my own video! Maybe I'll post up my rubbish attempts at stand up comedy.




lw said…
Glasto 05 was brilliant! So messy, you just had to laugh.

I feel I'd better wish you a Merry Christmas. My Gran tells me that we are related, somewhat distantly. Small world. =/
Nicholarse said…
I do have relatives so it's certainly possible. Say hello to them on my behalf.

Merry Xmas &c.


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