"Just for once in your life, let yourself f#cking win. Drop the bullsh#t and f#ck all the excuses man, I'm sick of 'em" - Amon.

So Diana wasn't murdered? What a big surprise that is! There's me thinking it must have been a hit, you know it had all the hallmarks, turns out she should have been wearing a f#cking seatbelt. One of my pet hates is people who don't buckle up. Senseless. If you get in a taxi tonight or this weekend, put that f#cking seatbelt on. There is no reason whatsoever not to. None at all.

I just do not know how to react to the news that Diana wasn't murdered. I was convinced this enquiry would have thrown up some new evidence*. I loved Al Fayed bumbling on at that press conference about "a certain member of the royal family" who directed both of their deaths. Do a bit of netsurfing and it's obvious who he means**. The question is, why bother have such an enquiry in the first place? It was obvious it wouldn't do anything other than follow the official line.

You could say it's a good way of providing a trivial cover story behind which they can "bury bad news"***. Like the fact that Tony Blair was interviewed by Her Majesty's Police yesterday about this cash for peerages scandal. The first time a seving British Prime Minister has ever been interviewed by the police as part of a criminal investigation. Lovely stuff. It's a big story and it's slipping under the radar a bit. However, it's yet another thing which we can add to Tony Blair's precious legacy which he's currently trying to secure. No two ways about it, that smug tw#t ain't going to go out with a smile. He's going out under a big f#cking cloud. A cloud which stinks of lies, murder, corruption and the pursuit of power no matter what the cost.

I lay the blame squarely at the feet of this Government for my own personal dissillusion with the political process. The graphic scenes they left in my mind where they savagely raped the concepts of probity, ideology and democracy will never leave me. To think I voted for that bunch of rapists. I will never vote again.

I guess I should thank them. They showed me that we do not live in a democracy. The big issues are not and never have been open to a vote. Do we want to go to war in Iraq? No need to answer the question, they don't give a flying f#ck what you think. Both major parties in favour of that one. Do you want to legalise drugs and stop the rise of organised crime in its tracks? Again, don't even think about answering that question. You're not important or intelligent enough as far as they're concerned. The same goes for any issue that actually matters. Do you want more nuclear weapons? F#ck off, we don't care what you think.

I once watched a really interesting programme about cats and dogs in which it was argued that both animals when in captivity never fully grow up. A cat is psychologically a kitten until it dies just as a dog is an overgrown obedient puppy. This is because a pet is never really allowed any genuine responsibilities. It can't choose its own destiny and will never be master of the house. By letting 'the powers that be' treat us in the same way we're all of us forced into a situation where we're being intellectually stunted.

Foxhunting? Yeah, lets chat about that forever shall we? Doesn't matter one bit really. Exactly the sort of thing we'll let you vote on.

"Should tiddles be allowed to chase spiders? It's cruel, he kills them sometimes."

"Ahh but he likes it."

"Etc, etc, adinfin"


This video made me laugh so much that I've been saving it for just such an occasion as this****:

The direct link is here.

What I love is that the poor bloke tries to just carry on with the charade that is Santa Claus. There's something both noble and yet wrong about the very concept of Santa. Trying to maintain that inherently ironic pose after just mercilessly tw#tting your head like an ar#ehole on the bonnet of a big gas guzzling 4x4 is too much for my funnybone to take. I also love the oddly indifferent adults who seem to sort of look at him with a roll of the eyes. I'd be prepared to wager that they've seen him acting like a c#nt one too many times and have now run out of sympathy when his hare brained schemes f#ck up so amusingly.

*Sarcasm. They say it doesn't really work in the written word. But I suspect they say that in a sarcastic tone.

**He means the f#cking 10 foot lizards from the lower fourth dimension who live inside the earth's secret hollow core! Go ask David Icke man. He knows the truth. But do they want to investigate the lizards? No, no they don't. So what does that tell you?

***"Bury bad news" - think about that! That's not me making sh#t up. Those are the words of a wily cow who sat and watched the twin towers burning and falling with people jumping out of them in sheer dumb tragic desperation and thought; hey, it's not all doom and gloom, in fact this could be quite good, it's "bury" bad news day. For f#ck's sake. Inhuman cow. Sums up the Government. Totally sums them up.

****"an occasion as this"? You know, the sort of occasion where I've ranted most of my readers into a coma of gloom boredom and apathy.


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