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The Monday Dog

I'd like to submit Bailey, the Piekos family dog for the Monday dog picture. He's a beagle, about 8 years old. As you can see from the picture, he absolutely loves sitting by the fire. In winter, he will remain in the same position for hours, despite the heat.

As he gets hotter and hotter, he begins to pant, at times quite loudly. If you touch his fur, he's bloody hot, but he seems to love it. If you move him away, he will only go and sit right back down again at the fire. He really seems to enjoy it. My parents put a fire guard up for a while, but he managed to knock it over and get right back to the fire. He loves it.

The other thing that fascinates me about Bailey, is that he's sussed who drives what car - presumabley by their individual sounds. When Dad's car is making it's way up the drive, he'll start to stir and be waiting for him by the door. If a car he doesn't know comes up the drive, he ignores it. I rarely make it back home from one month to the next, but he still remembers the sound of my car engine, and despite how quietly I try to get into the house, he's always there waiting, and always gets over excited and makes a massive fuss when I arrive.

I love dogs! They're clearly brilliant. Obviously, the gentle, companiable ones, rather than the fierce ones that bite small children.


How could I refuse such an obviously brilliant dog? I can't that's how. Bailey enters the Dog Blog hall of fame with aplomb!

As part of tidying up this blog I've moved some of the links which previously featured in the sidebar to the bottom of this entry. They're blogs which died a death after the initial blogging fever died down in the middle of this year. They're all done by friends of mine. Shame they haven't continued.

Jon Arden's.

Stuart Collings's.
Another mate of mine's*.

Right, I'm off to the gym to try and regain some of the points I've spent over the weekend. This new Weight Watchers plan I'm following might let me eat as much as I want but it's pretty keen on the exercise element of things.


*I've re-added this, see the comments section.


Yesman said…
Here's another synchronicity for ya - I just updated my blog and then went to check yours to find I'd been removed from the sidebar, for not updating.
Nicholarse said…
Mental I guess I should correct that then, I'll re-add you to the sidebar later tonight.

Also, if there's anyone else who reads this blog who does one themselves pop a note here and I'll add a link asap.


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