(Saturday) There lies Crudbeard The 3rd of Woyden. Now he really was a c#nt.

I've decided to draw my little poll to an end this weekend. It's been up there a reasonable ammount of time now. The question was; Were the attacks of 11/9 an inside job?

The results:

Yes 46%
No 36%
Maybe 18%

That means you could say that the majority of people who read this site do not believe 11/9 was a self inflicted wound. Or you can flip it round and say more people think it was than didn't. You can say what you like with statistics I guess. Interesting results though, from a readership who have nonsense like Loose Change and Alex Jones pushed so often into their face.

I've not really reconciled my views on conspiracy theories with the real world in which I live yet. It amuses me no end that we live in a country where our leaders will on the one hand denounce India, Pakistan and North Korea for developing nuclear weapons while on the other investing in excess of £20bn on some new Trident Nukes for themselves. The general line of political comment is that Tony Blair didn't actually need to have this debate and discussion now but has done so in order to secure his personal legacy. This implies that he's proud of the fact that he'll be the one to keep Britain's Nukes. Having waged war against Iraq on the basis that they might have them. That suggests a kind of f#cked up logic which I find hard to process. I think wacky conspiracy theories are the logical release.

Recently I posted a short video of Alex Jones doing some stand-up comedy. The confrontation which follows stops just short of physical violence. It's an interesting piece. However I've found a fuller version of this event on Google Video. The You Tube clip I originally posted only shows the first bit, missing out the excellent comedian Doug Stanhope, who I'm new to. It's interesting to see how the night goes afterwards and the clip I've posted, although long, is in my opinion the closest you can get to feeling a live comedy event without actually getting off your a#se and going to one.

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Yesman said…
That Doug Stanhope was quality - dug that bit where he goes on about conspiracies - just end up getting more n more angry about life.

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