Stick your mind into your ears and pull on that.

Although I'm not usually one to buy into such speculation I can't help but remark that this last year has gone by very quickly for me. Recently I bought some cigarettes for Phoneboy and was amazed at the price of them, £5.33. Way too much money and I honestly don't understand how people can afford to smoke these days. However it struck me that there has been at least two tax increases on them since I used to buy them regularly. It's odd to think that I've been a non-smoker for more than two years now. It actually surprised me when I made that connection, just as on Wednesday night it took me off guard when I saw a little bit of the comedy awards and realised it was therefore a year since I last watched them. I'm not usually the sort of person who buys into such mundane thoughts but this year genuinely seems to be an exception. I really have totally wasted it.

For example tonight I sat in and watched The Pop Idol final where I had the following conversation which I'm pretty sure was being replicated up and down the land:

Television: "and so Leona becomes the first female winner of X Factor hooray..."

"First Pop Idol female winner? What about that fat bird?"

"Michelle, that were on Pop Idol"

"What are you on about?"

"This is X Factor and that were Pop Idol, they're two different programmes". Etc

The night before I went out on a night which was doomed from the very start as me and my girlfriend realised hailing a taxi in Manchester is not like getting one in Sheffield. In Manchester most of the time it's a f#cking waste of time. Unlike Sheffield where it has been proved by scientists that they are the finest in the world.

Once we did get where we wanted to be we were not allowed in because they didn't like my shoes. Fair enough, that's an arrangement which works quite well for me. Keeps me out of places I wouldn't want to go anyway. Doormen are there because the place expects trouble. I'm not sure I want to be in a club which expects trouble.

During the week while I was off air I had a conversation with the voice behind internet phenomenon "Harry The Hamster". The ostensibly famous bloke chatted to me for quite sometime and I suggested that I'd put a link on my blogsite to his.

Here's the video which "made his name" so to speak. Be warned it has sound and is quite rude.

And here's his website: CLICK HERE.

It was interesting to talk to him and a shame that the call was off air. He spoke about the odd nature of internet fame, the difficulties with other people taking credit for his videos and his surprise at the way in which it had taken off after he made it on his mobile phone a while ago.

I mentioned the fantastic site to him as something to aim towards. I'm of the opinion that it's creator David Firth is one of the most exciting new media people around at the moment and it still annoys me that we never got him on for an interview on the old phone in show. Still, there we are.



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