(sunday) Ah kahnt see witoot mah eeyes

Today me and my female were on the end of a surprise visit from dance production legend Dave Bethell*. It was great to see him and I was surprised at how comfortable and relaxed he was, in that when I knew him a few years ago he was a bit of a nervous person. All of that had gone and we had one of those great conversations which could easily have carried on long into the night. We spoke, amongst other things, about; conspiracy theories, dance music, the afterlife, Alan Watts, radio, the internet, the past, the future and so on. Dave is one of those people who is happy with almost any subject and prepared to run with it and see where it leads. I think I'm the same. He's doing some great work at the moment and if you remember him from his old Hallam FM days you might want to follow this link to his myspace page.

After Dave headed off me and the woman went to 'Chicitos' or something. It's a mexican restaurant and is certainly not the sort of place I should be going if I'm doing my Weight Watchers thing properly. Still I'd had a lovely Xmas dinner the day before with my lady's family and had sort of thrown the diet out. Not good. Particularly if you factor in tomorrow's Hallam FM Xmas Party. I'll be stacking on another stone at this rate**.

As I headed home afterwards I got into a pretty wacky conversation with the taxi driver who started off chatting about global warming then mentioned that "all these churches and Mosque's all look a bit like space rockets". He said he was a Muslim and went on to say that the Koran mentions that there are other planets with aliens on them. Then I joked that perhaps we were in "end times" and we'd find out sooner than you'd think. He looked at me sincerely and said he agreed. We spoke for a bit before I got out of his cab and wished him well. "There's a feeling in the air, and it's more than just a few people who think it" he said as I bade him farewell***.

I've always been of the opinion that taxi drivers are brilliant.

Once a long time ago while I was on my way to Kingdom Nightclub**** I got into a conversation with one which went a bit like this:

"You wearing that crumpled shirt to go to a nightclub?"


"You won't never get no women with that mate, look at the state of it."

"I don't have any others."

"Ha ha. I tell you what, I'll go over to my place, free of charge and get you a shirt of mine that I'm too slim for now. You can have it."

And he did. And I still have it to this day. One of the best shirts I own. Taxi drivers, treat 'em well and they look after you. Some of the finest people you'll ever meet.


*The son of Barry Bethell about whom at one point I was considering writing a book but then seemed to get distracted by other less interesting things.

**No I won't. That will absolutely not happen.

***"as I bade him farewell" - Jesus H Christ!! What a pretentious pr#ck I can be sometimes. I can't actually believe I wrote that sentence. Usually I'd cut it out but I decided not too this time, purely in the interests of looking like as much as I can like a t#at.

****Despite the above note about me being a tw#t I did not go often, or very willingly, to Kingdom Nightclub. Nice staff there but not my sort of place really. I'm an old man and I always have been. No time for these youngsters.


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