(Sunday) Give a little back and wait for the rain.

I really need to get a life. After hours of messing about on the internet I leave it with a myspace account and one for Second Life. In the past I've ranted and raved about how morally wrong myspace is. The idea of comodifying friendship as well as making out and advert for yourself. Yuk. I still stand by that and don't intend to use my account. There's certainly no point in posting a link here to it. I only did it because I was bored. Same goes for Second Life, although I've never considered it to be actually immoral I only signed up because I was farting about on the net. After these two 'projects' were finished I ended up f#cking about on an old ZX Computer Game which you can play online called Dynamite Dan II; here.*

It worries me how familiar to me old Spectrum computer games are. The same goes for Arcade games and old Amiga games. My whole childhood seems to have been a virtual one, without me noticing it. I wonder how much more true that will be for my kids? If indeed I ever have any. Sorely tempted to give it a miss.

Oddly this entry almost precisely ties up with one I wrote almost exactly a year ago, here. Now that my blog is over a year old I'll be interested to see if my theory about life working in cycles will be born out or not. I think the patterns of my life are slightly out of sync with our 12 month calendar system though. Perhaps they tie in more neatly with lunar cycles or something. I dunno. Often it seems that periods of change and energy for me usually occur around March. We'll see. I think I'm getting a bit too "New Age" these days. It doesn't really suit me. As with most "New Age" b#llocks theres no real substance to the ideas I'm spouting just a general feeling. My post previously on syncronicity has, in my opinion, disproved the concept, yet still I'm dogged with more instances of it this weekend. Think of a mate and they text/call you. Got some stuff going through your mind and you hear it vocalised back to you by someone. Etc. Odd.


*Keys for Dynamite Dan II - Left and Right "A" and "S", Down is "I" and Jump is "M". You've got to find the CD and pop it in the jukebox then return to the blimp with some FUEL. Great game. I can get to level 3 on a good day. That website hosts loads of great Spectrum games. If you're a fan look around it. No end of treats. You too can waste your life like a fool!


Florian said…
My life does go in cycles.
Neil said…
Perhaps the patterns of your life tie in with lunar cycles? "Change and energy"? Holy shlt I thought I'd accidentally stumbled onto a blog written by a nutjob.

And don't forget, "THE GOVERNMENT DID IT!"

It's OK, we still love you Nick.

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