(Sunday) More and more the moments speed towards their conclusion... beware ye the moon.

In the wake of my amature stand-up comedy performance at The Frog and Bucket I've been scanning round YouTube looking at stuff. I've found some great nuggets which I've pumped out at the bottom of this post. It's quite strange the feeling I get as I practice. I'm more nervous than I was last time round which I think is a good sign. Unfortunately though I've got to the point where non of my set seems funny anymore. I've just heard it so many times that I can't believe any of it is even mildly amusing. My first joke is a rude one about anal sex which I've done a load of times before and never managed to get a laugh with. I've got a constant picture of doing that joke and getting nothing but confused stares and that sort of horrified whispering sound as people confer with each other about how rubbish you are afterwards.

Also I seem to have inadvertantly invited quite a few people in my excitement. It's been so top of mind that I keep accidently mentioning it to people and then inviting them along. There's a difference between doing stand-up to people you don't know and will never meet again and doing it to friends who will carry that memory with them everytime they see you subsequently. It affects your aura a bit I think.

In this ball of nervous excitement as I flick round YouTube I've also discovered a great stand up comedian called Doug Stanhope. I've posted some of his stuff at the bottom as well. I found him through the Alex Jones clip which comes first. He's apparently running for President in 2008. He's a libertarian. I think that's where my politics are starting to lie these days. Less Government intrusion into EVERYTHING seems like a jolly good idea.

Alex Jones going mental in a stand up club:

Direct link.

I f#ckin' love that guy. He may make up stuff and frequently get his facts wrong but his heart's in the right place. Like I say he led me to this next chap who I've also encountered as a guest on The Penn Gillette Radio show, which I subscribe to through iTunes. Very funny clips with a point of view that I find comforting to listen to.

Direct link.

Direct link.


Lloydd said…
Would a libertarian government government produce an ecologically sustainable society?
Nicholarse said…
Can't do much worse than the current Government system, can it?*

Genuine libertarianism would also include cutting subsidies to big companies who like to screw up our environment.


*Genuine question, I'm not an expert on the whole thing I just think we don't really need Governments that much.
dan said…
you've prolly seen it before but this video never fails to improve my mood:



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