Three dimensional transforming objects, elf machines.

All being well I've managed to upload new video on this post. I'm quite excited about this recent development in my blogging capabilities and really haven't got my head round the idea yet. I'm thinking that I should aim to get more video up here as time goes by but frankly there's not that much I encounter that's worth filming. Perhaps I'm just not looking hard enough.

The first video is of a laughing automaton me and James discovered when we were all wandering round Bridlington.

This post contextualises the video. Listen out for James saying "it'll f#ck with your head this..." right at the beginning.

Quite right James! It's a very disturbing video and even via the medium of the internet it still retains a menace which I think is part of the reason you laugh at it. Laughter supposedly being an expression of the thought that "the danger is not real" according to Desmond Morris in his work The Naked Ape*.

Then there's this video which I explained in yesterday's entry.

I'm a big fan of people who get into the spirit of things. It made me laugh recently when a mate of mine said he was always automatically VERY SUSPICIOUS of anyone who refuses to wear a Xmas Paper Party hat. "What the f#ck is that about Nick? What are they hiding?". I was forced to agree with him.


*Read it. Great book. Good for ya.


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